Destiny Teasers for December 2015: Suryakant confronts Kajri


Destiny Teasers for December 2015: The upcoming Destiny (Soapie Teasers for Destiny: December 2015) episodes will features Kajri, Niyati, Yuvraj, Suryakant, Gauri, Menka, Jhumki, Jhanvi, and other popular characters. Listed below is Destiny Teasers for December 2015…

Tuesday 1st December – Thursday 31st December 2015

Kajri decides to put on an act to get back into the Garodia house.

Niyati falls for Kajri’s act and stops Suryakant and Yuvraj from taking the child home.

Yuvraj visits Kajri to see the baby.

Niyati visits a doctor and is given hope of becoming a mother.

Niyati sees him visiting Kajri. The Garodia family looks for a groom for Gauri and Menka also gives the priest a picture of Jhumki.

Kajri constantly puts on acts to get her way with Yuvraj. Gauri is afraid to doll up again in fear that the prospect groom’s family may not choose her.

The groom’s mother offers bangles to Jhanvi and not Gauri, this shocks the family.

Yuvraj decides to speak to his father about Kajri and his baby’s welfare.

Suryakant confronts Kajri about trying to mislead Yuvraj again.

Gauri convinces Jhanvi to agree to the proposal but Jhanvi has a condition to marry.

Suryakant refuses Yuvraj any money and as a result Yuvraj starts believing Kajri’s stories.

Suryakant stresses over Yuvraj’s troubles with Kajri.

Menka stresses that her lie about Jhumki’s past will be revealed.

Destiny is on Zee World (Dstv Channel 166) Mondays to Fridays at 19h00.