Dineo’s Diary returns for Season 4 on Vuzu AMP


dineo-ranakaThis time, the multi-talented Dineo Ranaka invites the viewers to walk a mile in her shoes as she shares her personal journey.

“In season 3 we saw the professional hustle and struggle that I had to face in establishing myself as an entrepreneur and businesswoman,” explains Dineo. “I think sometimes it was exhausting for viewers to keep up with everything that was going on in that aspect of my very busy life.”

“Of course season 4 will continue to track that important part of what I do, but the focus now is very much on my personal journey – especially my relationships with my mom, my siblings and my children. My love life is also part of what viewers will see during this season.”

Dineo reveals that Vuzu AMP viewers will encounter a much calmer person as a result of being in her thirties.

“I am 31 now and I don’t feel that pressure to please everyone, so viewers will see me in a far more centered state – a contrast to previous seasons where my life was quite choppy and hectic.”

But those who have followed Dineo’s journey from season 1, will be happy to know that their favourite reality television star is still as obnoxious, opinionated and, yes, even as raw as before.  “That is a huge part of who I am – what you see is what you get,” says Dineo.

The commissioning of season 4 of Dineo’s Diary by Vuzu AMP is significant for the South African reality television genre – and further establishes Dineo as a formidable force on the entertainment scene.

“It’s not often that shows like mine make it to season 2, let alone a 4th season and it is quite surreal to think that we have come so far.I am so grateful to the Vuzu viewers who have stayed with us and in fact grown with us”, comments Dineo.

Continuing from previous seasons of Dineo’s Diary, season 4 takes viewers on another journey into the life of a young entrepreneur trying to find ways to support her life and family. With more drama, more twists and turns, more challenges, viewers just never know what’s in store for them in each episode of Dineo’s life.

Dineo’s Diary IV debuts on Friday 3 April 2015 at 19:00 exclusive to Vuzu AMP Channel 114.