Discovery ID – April 2015 highlights


Discovery ID Channel LogoDiscovery ID – April 2015 highlights

Investigation Discovery: South Africa
From Friday 3 April from 19:00
Delving once again into the dark recesses of murderers’ minds, Evil, I‘ returns to examine more shocking stories of real murder investigations from the perpetrator‘s perspective. Relying on extensive research into the life, personality and movements of the killer, this compelling twelve-part series gives voice to thoughts that until now have remained silent. While interviews with the victim‘s family and the investigators guide viewers through the facts of the case, the imagined voice of the killer describes his own thoughts and movements, building up a visceral picture of these murderous activities. Whether focusing on a routine murder enquiry which takes a sinister turn when it is discovered the victim‘s eyeballs have been removed, or a sudden, alarming upsurge in the number of disappearing women in Vancouver, explore the lives of victim and murderer, and uncover the killer‘s motivation for their heinous crimes.

Wednesday 15 April from 19:00
This absorbing series recounts the ill-fated relationships between killer and victim as their paths intertwine. Each
episode explores the chance meetings, everyday decisions and random acts of violence that can send ordinary people on a collision course with doom. Follow the case of Travis Kirchner and his mother Pat as they run the beloved Poki Roni horse ranch in El Paso, Texas. This parent and offspring are unusually close – they’re both business partners and best friends. But after Travis gets into a long and bitter feud with his neighbours, everything changes. His friends see him as an innocent victim, but Travis’ adversaries say he’s a scheming liar who is potentially violent. When his mother is found dead in her garage, police have a baffling mystery to solve. Did Pat kill herself, or did her son lose control and murder her?


Investigation Discovery (Dstv 171)