Discovery World – April 2015 highlights


Discovery_ChannelDiscovery World – April 2015 highlights

From Monday 6 April from 21:00

Everyone knows the story of Paul Revere and his famous midnight ride to warn colonial forces of the British approach. But history books don’t tell of the man who sent Revere on his mission: Joseph Warren, America’s least remembered founding father. Uncover the forgotten history of Warren and stories of other unsung heroes in our fight for independence in The American Revolution‘. In order for the Declaration of Independence – and its famous ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – to mean anything, the underdog army of heroic Americans would have to fight. And fight they did, from the mob-provoked Boston Massacre in 1770, to the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 and the battle of Yorktown in 1781. ?The American Revolution‘ chronicles the rise of the rebellion, failures and setbacks of the colonial mission, and the ultimate comeback that resulted in the birth of a nation.

From Tuesday 7 April from 21:00

Throughout the 19th century, the territory west of the Mississippi was a rough place, crawling with outcasts, murderers, thieves and bounty hunters. Across this lawless landscape, a few brave men protected the innocent from an endless stream of gun-wielding outlaws. In this thrilling six-part historical docudrama series, viewers can immerse themselves in the true stories behind infamous icons and legendary conflicts of the Wild West from unlawful lawman Wyatt Earp to teenage vagabond Billy the Kid, scorned rebel Jesse James, Yankee sharpshooter Wild Bill Hickok, dangerous psychopath John Wesley Hardin and war veteran-turned-assassin Tom Horn. Juxtaposed with vivid re-enactments, expert commentary is layered throughout each episode to ensure the authenticity and historical accuracy of each story. Contributors include Deadwood‘ creator David Milch, and actor Kurt Russell, who portrayed his favourite western icon, Wyatt Earp, in classic film Tombstone.‘


From Wednesday 8 April from 21:00

Codes and Conspiracies‘ explores the unknown, hidden stories behind the world‘s most iconic places, groundbreaking inventions, and influential people. These are the facts you don’t know, the all-important details ignored by traditional history, the real facts of the past, present and future. The series is like a peek inside a dossier marked ?Above Top Secret, inviting the viewers themselves to become investigators into the secret history of the world in an immersive experience that will cover everything from secret societies, groundbreaking inventions and the most iconic objects, places and people.

From Thursday 30 April from 21:00

Surviving the Cut‘ offers extraordinary, unprecedented access into the intense world of military special forces training. Discover the grueling processes used by these coveted units to recruit the elite for vital, highly skilled positions such as snipers, air force divers and special warfare combatant-craft crewman. From the punishing five week Navy Special Operations Indoctrination course to the physical torment of Sapper School and the competitive and brutal demands of Army Night Stalker trials, Surviving the Cut‘ is an action-packed journey into the backbreaking hell that is military training. Follow the personal quest of men and women committed to making it into the military’s elite units and get a unique look inside their emotional journeys as they overcome the ruthless minefields of physical and psychological hurdles to become the best of the best.