Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Season 4


mickey-mouse-houseDisney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Season 4

Episode 4

28 February 2015

“Mickey’s Farm Fun-Fair!” Mickey and the gang host a farm fair with all of the fun games, rides and plenty of prize ribbons to hand out.

Episode 5
21 March 2015

“Quest for the Crystal Mickey!” Pete sneakily steals the Crystal Mickey statue from the clubhouse; the gang gears up to retrieve their statue.

Episode 6
28 March 2015

Daisy’s Pony Tale A new invention causes Daisy’s adorable ponytail to grow even longer; the group in unsure of how it happened.

Episode 7
04 April 2015

“Mickey’s Mystery” There are reports of an ancient mouse-eared stone monument in the Hidden Jungle; Mickey and his pals check it out.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse airs Saturdays at 6.30am only on SABC3