DJ Tira reality show ‘Eza se Afro’ premieres Jan. 14


DJ Tira‘s Afrotainment is not only producing hit songs, making people to dance and taking over music charts. DJ Tira is spreading his wings on the TV industry to dominate our screen with a new reality televison show ‘Eza se Afro’. The show will made its debut on Mzansi Magic from next Thursday.

The show aims to give viewers a sneak peek into the life of DJ Tira, Big Nuz, DJ Fisherman and his famous music stable and many other Afrotainment artist performing for fans on various Gigs.

FYI: Dineo Ranaka also have a successful reality television show ‘Dineo’s diary’, so DJ Tira is following the right foot steps!

Eza se Afro premieres Thursday, January 14th @ 8:00PM on Mzansi Magic (Dstv channel 161).