DJ Zan-D drops his first single


runawayHip Hop DJ, DJ Zan-D has released the music video for his debut single, #Runway, on YouTube.

DJ Zan-D’s #Runway featuring N’Veigh, Blaklez, Sean Pages and Bass has received a great reception from fans and radio stations and has been a significant move by DJ Zan-D in his career. #Runway is the first single to come from DJ Zan-D but he assures fans it will not be the last.

’s YTKO radio DJ and Club 808’s VJ, DJ Zan-D, was introduced to music at an early age by his father who opened a night club called The Dukes Place in Vosloorus.

At the age of 12, DJ Zan-D was already living the DJ life by mixing on the streets of Johannesburg under his brother, DJ Choc’s supervision. Towards the end of his schooling, DJ Zan-D was featuring on radio and DJing at street bashes, parties, weddings and clubs.

Over the years DJ Zan-D has proved to be one of South Africa’s most versatile and sought after DJ’s, catering to the three main facets of the music industry; radio, television and live performance. He has featured as a mix DJ on some of SA’s top TV productions, including Club 808 and provides a weekly live mix on YFM’s YTKO feature every Thursday at 18:00.

DJ Zan-D was voted Best Hip-Hop DJ 2011/2012 on the SA DJ Mag Poll and is held in high regard by industry peers and fans for his well-thought through and impressive DJ sets and his support of local music and artists.

Watch #Runway music video here.