Entertaining TLC viewing this January


32466_cast_002.jpgTLC Entertainment (DStv 172) kicks the year off with four new premieres this January. The festive season may be over, but your favourite shows on TLC Entertainment are lined up, guaranteeing entertaining 2015 viewing.

January often brings resolutions of a new diet, so TLC Entertainment will offer a selection of documentaries each Friday related to various issues of excessive weight. My Weight Is Killing Me kicks off on Friday, 9 January from 20:55. Following a father-son surgical team, the show is about the stories of patients at a Houston weight-management clinic.

The doctors perform surgeries on morbidly obese individuals weighing from 400 to 1000 pounds, and also develop a follow-up plan to help them through the post-operative stages so they can maintain the weight loss. The surgeries entailed are risky but often essential, such as gastric bypass, mastectomy and removing excess skin.

Will the unfortunate protagonists be able to change not only their body, but their entire lifestyle, in order to restore their crumbling confidence, failing marriages or physical ambitions?

As well as this, a series of supersized one-off documentaries will premiere each Friday from 9 January at 21:50 featuring a combination of the following shows:

When Gastric Bands Go Wrong meets a number of patients who opted for gastric bypass surgery and explores the associated risks with this form of treatment. I Lost Weight But I Also Lost My Husband asks why 85% of relationships end within two years of one partner having weight-loss surgery. In a society obsessed with being thin, is it a big fat lie that surgery leads to happiness? Got Thin – Got Fat Again explores why diets do not always work and how quickly and easily skinny success can turn into fat failure. We meet people who have lost weight but are now fat again, some more so than they were before the diet. Fat For Cash is the eye-opening story of women who, far from counting calories, count the cash from selling their size to men who adore women built on a grand scale.

From weight loss to love…

In the six-part series Alaskan Women Looking For Love, six native Alaskan women escape the bearded fishermen that represent the norm in their lives and make a splash in sexy, sun-soaked Miami Beach, where they hope true love awaits them.

Determined, the women get jobs, scour the beaches and risk everything to fit in and find suitors – but they quickly discover that they are fish out of water. From firemen and football players to personal trainers and cops, will they have success meeting the men of their dreams? Or is Miami Beach too big for them to handle? And if they do find love, can their new guys manage the rough and tough Alaskan lifestyle or will finding their Prince Charming only be a fairy tale? Find out on Tuesday, 13 January from 20:00.

Meet the Williamses, a progressive polygamist family who believe in love and commitment rather than religion. Despite on-going hardships within their community, this modern family presents a fresh and honest look at a very controversial lifestyle in the series My Five Wives premiering on Wednesday, 28 January at 20:55.

Brady and the ladies in his life will face all kinds of problems in their marriages, especially when issues between the wives escalate. Two of Brady’s wives want to have more children, but he struggles with the 24 he already has! And when Christmas comes around, the stakes are high for Brady as he must juggle the affections of all the women in his life.

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