Every dog has its day … but there can only be one Ambassadoggy!


AMBASSADOG-for-webMore than a thousand adorable dogs entered this unique M-Net Movies competition and it was up to celebrity judges – and dog lovers – Vanessa Haywood, Rob Vember, Just Curious, Bailey Schneider and Kristy Sharman to each nominate one potential Ambassadoggy from this powerful, competitive pack.

Actress, model and previous Survivor SA contestant Vanessa Haywood was charmed by doggy Zee, owned by Ronnie Magic. “Her tricks were original and and she’s extremely well trained. It’s also very difficult to train a terrier, so hats off to the owners! She looks like quite a character and I hope she takes the win.”

The polite and cute Rufus, who shares a home with Ernest Potgieter, stood out for radio DJ Rob Vember. “Instant love and cuddles were called for through my PC screen,” says Rob. “It’s nearly impossible to look at that fluffy face and not want a lick.”

But even though he has a spring in his step and wag in his tail, Rufus will have to beat Shawn Custer’s diva dog Tyrion, chosen by Just Curious. “Tyrion is cute, sassy and has a mind of its own. It was love at first sight!”

Cape Town radio personality Bailey Schneider was in awe of Charlie, owned by Roxanne. “Charlie reminds me of the dog from the Jim Carrey movie The Mask. Not only is he adorable and instantly lovable, but he’s got skills and I think he could easily be the dog everyone wants to cuddle up when watching M-Net Movies Family.”

Gunner, owned by Melany Wood, completes the list of nominees. This surfer pooch was chosen by Kristy Sharman who heads Webfluential, a leading digital marketing and social media agency.  “A dog that loves the outdoors and is keen on adventure is my idea of a best friend.”

The doggy who receives the most votes will become the official face of M-Net Movies Family with public appearances and plenty of airtime on television.

Voting will close on Monday, 25 May at midnight and to vote for your favourite pooch, you have to like their video on the M-Net Movies Family Ambassadoggy Top 5 You Tube playlist.


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