Finding Nemo


finding-nemoFinding Nemo


Saturday 7th February at 12:15

We have a great movie for February on Disney XD – animated marine masterpiece Finding Nemo (Saturday 7th February at 12:15).

Have a whale of a time watching this amazing aquatic adventure, starring Nemo, a brave little clown fish with a weak fin. He’s been kidnapped, whisked away from his watery home, and imprisoned in a fish tank in the office of a Sydney dentist. His frantic father Marlin, who lost the rest of his family in a barracuda attack when Nemo was tiny, enlists the help of a blue tang called Dory, and together they set out to find Nemo. Meanwhile Nemo, with the help of his fellow prisoners, is hatching a daring escape plot of his own….

This fishy tale is beautifully brought to life by the geniuses at Pixar, also responsible for such gems as Toy Story and Monsters, among others. Their state of the art computer graphics capture the beauty of the undersea environment in a way almost reminiscent of The Blue Planet. There’s a wonderfully witty script, an all-star voice cast and an endearing story: no wonder this is one of the most successful Disney animated feature films of all time.

Finding Nemo airs on Disney XD on Saturday 7th February at 12:15