Five minutes with Bucie

Selfie: Bucie and J’Something

A chat with Bucie about Heritage day and cooking with J’something, this
is what she had to say:

1. September being heritage month, what comes to her mind in terms of food?

” What comes to my mind is all the delicious traditional cuisine especially
my personal favourite , Umphokoqo , Enkomazi and Milk. ”

2. What is her relationship like with Food?

” I love food, I could eat almost anything. I enjoy traditional cuisines the
most though, when I travel to different countries I always want to eat their
traditional food instead of having fancy meals.”

3. How was it cooking With J’something on the show and what can people

” I had a really great time cooking with him, it was an amazing experience
and I am truly grateful for it. I loved every