For Love and Justice Teasers – August 2015


telemundo_logoFor Love and Justice Teasers – Premieres weekdays at 6pm from Monday 10th August. Coming up on For Love and Justice in August:

Monday, 10 August

Eleven years after a traumatic car chase and shooting, Lucia leaves prison. She lost her baby in the shooting, and is haunted with bad memories.

Tuesday, 11 August

Daniel accuses Lucia of obstruction to justice and threatens to take her to the police station. Later, Lucia is apprehended by Daniel and his men.

Wednesday, 12 August

Lucia witnesses Roxana stealing food in a bakery, and she defends her from the owner. Lucia vows to protect her in the future.

Thursday, 13 August

Lucia receives large bouquets of flowers at the hospital, and Daniel wants to know why. Lucia wants custody of Roxana, but it will be difficult.

Friday, 14 August

Daniel and Lucia kiss, and Daniel is beginning to fall for her. The police believe that Lucia has tried to kidnap Roxana, and they come to arrest her.

Monday, 17 August

Daniel admits that he is in love with Lucia, but Lucia does not know whether to trust him. Daniel searches for the sniper who shot him.

Tuesday, 18 August

Radames offers to pay Genaro if he tells him everything about what goes on inside the Mexican Drug Enforcement Agency and about Commander Ponce.

Wednesday, 19 August

Daniel goes to the hospital and handcuffs Lucia to him. He will not let her leave his side until she listens to him and they sort out their problems.

Thursday, 20 August

Lucia faces problems when she tries to adopt Roxana. Lawyer Vergel sends Roxana to a foster home until her case is settled and clear.

Friday, 21 August

Roxana has been kidnapped, and Lucia is desperate to find her. She asks for Daniel’s help, but in the end, Cesar is the one to bring Roxana back.

Monday, 24 August

El Diablo is infuriated by the news of Miguel’s rescue. He finds out that Miguel is in Chiapas and sends his people to get him.

Tuesday, 25 August

Cesar kisses Lucia, but Roxana sees them and takes pictures. Later, Daniel tells Lucia that he wants to be with her for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, 26 August

Daniel finds out about Lucia’s past and brands her as a criminal. Lucia tries to explain, but Daniel is called away to Washington, D.C.

Thursday, 27 August

Millan desperately searches for Daniel, but when he doesn’t find him, he gives the flash drive to Cesar Mondragon. He is later captured by Genaro.

Friday, 28 August

Broken by the cruel tortures of El Diablo, Millan finally reveals who has the flash drive. Cesar shows Lucia his secret hiding place.

Monday, 31 August

Lucia finds Cesar in danger in the beach house. She manages to hide, but Cesar is unable to call for help and is killed by Genaro.


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