For Love and Justice Teasers – September 2015


For Love and Justice Teasers  – September 2015: Here is what to expect….

Tuesday, 1 September

A friend of the Mondragon family reveals that he saw a woman at the beach with Cesar on the day that he heard the gunshots.

Wednesday, 2 September

Lucia realises that Cesar never told her that Daniel was his brother because he was in love with her. She has made a promise to care for Roxanita.

Thursday, 3 September

After many years have passed, Lucia finally meets with her niece Vicky. The Duran brothers don’t know how to tell their father that they found Lucia.

Friday, 4 September

Daniel continues to investigate his brother Cesar’s death. Looking through photographs, he finds a clue about the person who murdered Cesar.

Monday, 7 September

Lucia asks her father to tell her the truth about her real mother. She reproaches her siblings for keeping silent for so long.

Tuesday, 8 September

Lucia tells her family that Liliana planted drugs in her locker in high school and that she, along with Fernanda, made her leave the house.

Wednesday, 9 September

El Diablo questions Radames about Lucia Duran. Liliana prepares to spoil Lucia’s evening at Abel and Adriana’s engagement celebration dinner.

Thursday, 10 September

Lucia finds out that Octavio intends to jump off a building and she goes after him. Olegario realises that Lucia is with him on the ledge.

Friday, 11 September

Carlos and Daniel see Lucia and Octavio on top of the building, and Lucia slips and is about to fall. Daniel rushes to her, but Octavio saves her.

Monday, 14 September

Daniel asks for Lucia’s forgiveness and tells her that he loves her. He wants to marry her as soon as possible, but she does not want to rush.

Tuesday, 15 September

Liliana confronts Daniel for getting back with her sister who is a felon. Later, Liliana asks Genaro to help her kill Lucia, but he refuses.

Wednesday, 16 September

El Diablo tells Anselmo that he wants Lucia Duran to be the future mother of his children. He says that for her, he is willing to do anything.

Thursday, 17 September

El Diablo sees Daniel and Lucia kissing, and confronts Lucia about it. Liliana receives a call that leaves her completely out of her mind.

Friday, 18 September

Liliana asks for Genaro’s help to finish the deal for the flash drive. Daniel confronts Lucia about her relationship with El Diablo.

Monday, 21 September

Roxana manages to get away from Liliana, and Memin helps Roxana hide. A search begins to look for her, until Memin returns Roxana to Lucia.

Tuesday, 22 September

Genaro listens to the recording Cesar made before he died and begins to plot another way to attract Daniel Ponce’s attention.

Wednesday, 23 September

A social worker discovers the condition that Roxana is in and decides to take her away from Lucia. El Diablo cannot stop thinking about Lucia.

Thursday, 24 September

Liliana visits the social worker who has Roxana’s case and tells her that Roxana is not mentally stable and that Lucia is incapable of caring for her.

Friday, 25 September

El Diablo helps Lucia to get  Roxana back. Daniel discovers that El Diablo influenced Roxana’s case and asks him to stay away from Lucia.

Monday, 28 September

Liliana finds out that the flash drive containing the video of her killing Miguel came from the home of her worst enemy.

Tuesday, 29 September

Lucia asks Carlos for advice on how to tell Daniel the truth. She insists that she cannot wait and has to tell him by the end of the day.

Wednesday, 30 September

Carlos finds out that Roxana was a witness to a murder. Liliana wants to get rid of Roxana, but Carlos takes Roxana to the beach ho


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