From “in denial” to “in style” makeovers on TLC Entertainment


Women with major fashion issues turn to style guru Stacy London in the brand new TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) series Love, Lust Or Run. Don’t miss the premiere as Stacy helps women see the errors of their fashion choices.

The series will showcase style “makeovers” taking a different turn as “makeunders” to show women the impact that fashion choices can make on their day-to-day life. Each episode begins with strangers rating a woman’s style by choosing from “love”, “lust” or “run”. Next, the women reveal their natural looks by starting from scratch. It’s out with the colourful hair extensions, wild clothes and make-up as Stacy guides her subjects through a “makeunder”, to dramatically change her look and allow her to channel what she really wants the public to perceive her as.

Watch Love, Lust Or Run from Thursday, 6 August at 20:00 as Stacy turns these over-the-top looks from disaster to style, changing each woman’s appearance and, just maybe, her life.


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