Generations Teasers (18-22 March 2019): Tshidi prepares to sell out Gadaffi

Gadaffi played by Vuyo Dabula

Generations (SABC1) teasers and updates for the week of 18 March 2019 through; 22 March 2019 teases that Gadaffi is horrified by what Cosmo tells him and wants answers! It’s make or break for Ezweni Inc. as they load their Mega Brands commercial onto the Internet. Lucy is frustrated when her own brother doesn’t believe her.

Zondiwe has a plan on how to up profits, only it’s illegal. The match-making ploy gets even more elaborate. Tshidi prepares to sell out her husband.

Pele discovers two of the murder suspects share a connection. Arnold is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Where to next? The Diales realise performing in front of a camera isn’t as easy as it sounds…

Gadaffi decides to make the evidence disappear. Tau hopes to pull a fast one on his nemesis. Crazy J gets on the wrong side of the right people.

Wandi walks in unannounced and makes a shocking discovery. Lesedi is surprised when Lucy of all people comes up for her. Jack is not about to give his game plan away.

Generations Teasers March 2019 – What will happen on Generations?