Generations Teasers: February 2016

Soapie Teasers for Generations: February 2016


Generations Teasers: February 2016 – The upcoming episodes for Generations: The Legacy (Soapie Teasers for Generations: February 2016) will features Gadaffi, Angela, Tau, Mazwi, Jonathan, Itumeleng, Zola, Getty, Namhla,  Karabo, Xolelwa,  Lucy, Tebogo, Gadaffi,  Smanga and other popular characters. Read the below Generations: The Legacy Teasers for February 2016

Monday 01 February 2016
Episode 46
Lucy is stumped when someone puts her in her place. Tebogo threatens to call the elders to intervene. Mazwi wants to join forces with Tau.

Tuesday 02 February 2016
Episode 47

Tshidi is close to breaking point. Namhla doesn’t take kindly to it when Adze accuses her of being selfish. Vuyo gets roped into a plan against his better judgement.

Wednesday 03 February 2016
Episode 48
Karabo rushes to be with Amo when things get too much for her. Zola’s had enough and wants out of the relationship. The Radebe brothers give Getty some much-needed food for thought.

Thursday 04 February 2016
Episode 49
Gadaffi continues to suffer under the wrath of the ancestors. Lucy swallows her pride and reaches out to her daughter. Mazwi makes a bold move but for all the wrong reasons.

Friday 05 February 2016
Episode 50

Getty realises she’s pushed Max too far this time. A pep talk from a friend motivates Tau to fight back. Stones is determined to get his revenge on Lucy.

Monday 08 February 2016
Episode 51
Karabo does a live interview about polyandry. Adze is furious when he’s dealt another devastating blow. A plan is forming to remove Zola from the picture permanently.

Tuesday 09 February 2016
Episode 52
Vuyo wouldn’t date Xolelwa if she was the last woman on earth. Tshidi is worried when Gadaffi wants to use the ‘bulletproof’ muti she bought. Nolwazi is starting to wonder whether her relationship is worth it.

Wednesday 10 February 2016
Episode 53
Namhla is super-excited about going on a date. Getty tries to make peace but ends up making things worse. Stones carries out his revenge plan.

Thursday 11 February 2016
Episode 54
Adze pleads his innocence but to no avail. Tau tells Tebogo it’s time to take a stand. The inyanga issues a grim warning to the Phakades.

Friday 12 February 2016
Episode 55
Nolwazi is anything but happy about Mazwi’s big surprise. Xolelwa swears revenge when she realises she’s been tricked. Karabo makes an impassioned plea to the elders.

Monday 15 February 2016
Episode 56
Lucy is furious about the police coming to search the house. Getty gets jealous when her boyfriend chats to a female client. Namhla asks a person she doesn’t like or trust for help.

Tuesday 16 February 2016
Episode 57
Zola is shocked to hear the ‘terms’ of the polyandry. Max has a change of heart after seeing a video on the Internet. The snake ceremony seems to have done the trick…

Wednesday 17 February 2016
Episode 58
Gadaffi is shocked by what he walks in on at home. Yster tells the Diales the community is out for blood… their blood. Adze pops the question.

Thursday 18 February 2016
Episode 59
Wandile loses it completely when a guy hits on him. Angela is taken aback when Vuyo is mean to her. The Diales are shocked to hear Lesedi was attacked.

Friday 19 February 2016
Episode 60

Lucy is appalled by Namhla’s ‘solution’ to their problem. Tshidi is freaked when the inyanga tells her what her dream means. Zola is starting to have serious doubts about his future with Karabo.

Monday 22 February 2016
Episode 61
Tau manipulates to get his way with the elders. Gadaffi decides to treat his woman to a romantic evening. Adze’s special gesture is ruined by an angry mob.

Tuesday 23 February 2016
Episode 62
Wandile calls Elam to apologise. Vuyo can’t help but come to Angela’s rescue. Tension hangs thick in the air during the meeting with the elders.

Wednesday 24 February 2016
Episode 63
Karabo drops a bomb on the Morokas. Tshidi takes heed of Bab’Msibi’s grim warning. Lucy wants the young lovers to break off their engagement.

Thursday 25 February 2016
Episode 64
Tau tries to put a stop to the wedding. Namhla is horrified when Adze reveals what her love cost him. Eve gets an idea and approaches Angela in secret.

Friday 26 February 2016
Episode 65
Siya gives in to the power of the snake. Vuyo blurts out the truth but immediately regrets it. Stones finds out that if you play with fire you will get burnt.

Monday 29 February 2016
Episode 66
Gadaffi is horrified by what he walks in on at home. Wandile isn’t sure who or what he is anymore. Zola pulls away when Karabo reaches out to him.

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    • how can u be so cruel….I honestly believe what they will be going through is more than enough..don’t you think everyone should get a second chance???

  1. Hawu Buhle kwakungcono ngani okukaMazwi mina I love what Simphiwe made Smanga to be, he was a loving, caring man because of Simphiwe’s love for him, she showed us the softer side of him

    • exaclty l used to hate Smanga but now l hate Mazwi he is selfish wat he cares about is Ezweni n he use all means including his dead wife mxiiii

  2. Hawu Buhle uSmanga did nothing coz Mazwi bekena ma excuses njalo when Simphiwe needs him bt whn Nolwaz needs him bekane sikhath sonke sakhe, l like what Smanga did

  3. Nolwazi n Mazwi the feeling is mutual. Karabo you’re something else, Namhla seems to be desperateo to have a man but she is Deep no man can resist her charm though in soapies they hardly notice her. The Phakade’s deserves the wrath of the ancestors. But this Generation Legacy I don’t feel it. Return the old one

  4. Comment: will karabo and tau find out about amo? i just dont get y mazwi is angry cos he was also cheating on simphiwe…is wandile a gay??????????

  5. Comment:snake ceremony yohhhh….as for karabo i think she muc juc mke up her mynd n b w Zola once n for all maan ey luk sooo good together

  6. Comment: ” Zola is shocked to hear the terms of the polyandry ” . … Polyandry is a form of polygamy whereby a woman has several husbands. .. lol wtf so Karabo is gonna remain married to Tau!

  7. Dd u know?? Wandile is a she in real life..I so hate does it make it right wen he cheated wth wifey’s best friend but wrong wen wifey was trying to satisfy her own needs cos she ddnt get attention from husband.. Old Tebogo is being ridiculous to support wat mazwi has been doing for so long behind wifey’s back…as for Namhla she olwys obsessed with men..she’s soon desperate to fall in love

  8. Comment:mxa karabo having 2 husbans what da fuck??…I hate mazwi da guy is so annoying I lyk adze namhla guy dang man sum gals ar lucky thy jst started datin bt already proposing soep lyf though

  9. Comment:mxa karabo having 2 husbands what da fuck??…I hate mazwi da guy is so annoying I lyk adze namhla guy dang man sum gals ar lucky thy jst started datin bt already proposing soep lyf 1st tym I saw wandile on screen I knew dat xe wl play da gay part reminds m of jason n senzo ..old generation eix

  10. Please take Xolelwa out of generations she is irritating us viewers and she’s ugly thin and since she started acting as a fake social worker she just can’t act and she is ugly and she’s waisting our flatscreen ink.

  11. I generations akuna way forward xem we r tired of moroka n mogales drama can we get something else its boring that why I’m watching gold diggers hey. Plz do something

  12. With due respect, what’s going on in the minds of writers and producers? How long will it take to reveal who Amo is ? How come things that are not educative takes 6 months to be revealed yet things that are educative takes a second and people go back to unworthy things? Some of us have teenage children who are still growing up. When you guys promote the bad side of things they end up Copying what they see on TV. So please be sensitive this is Mzanzi

    Does the people concerned know that instead of promoting goo stuff rite now you are promoting that it’s on to steal a baby hence today we have so many people stealing fro a cent to a human being without worrying that you might be found?

    Gaddafi came back from prison and stage a heist which was successful because she had bullet proof multi, I thought prison was the place where people will be corrected and come back better people, but with generation is visa versa………….. shame on the people who created this generation the legacy while promoting gangster, thieves and adultry and feuds between the families. Maybe they should consider changing the name of the soapie. “HOW ABOUT GENERATION THE JOKE SHAME & CONFUSION ” no wonder even the new sapiens like Uzalo get better ratings than Generation the joke etc

  13. What this Tshidi is not reflecting a good character; something must happen to her to show that evil deeds do not pay. Her actions must not prolong; to teach a lesson to evil doers that they can can not comfortably sit on an evil chair.

  14. Tshidi pls give Amo bck to his parents where he
    belongs. dont be selfish maybe Amo can stop this drama about divorce and polygamy

  15. Karabo n tau must not find the truth….tshidi has the same blood with Amo , so he must get well…..karabo go to hell , she doesn’t deserve a man like tau…wish kumkani n tau will be friends.

  16. when is Gadaffi and Tsidi are they gona tell Tau and Karabo th trueth abt th baby ,may its the time when they gona realise tht they mean to be together

  17. Amo is the only person who can bring Tau and Karabo together so please use him to save the marriage of the lovebirds.

  18. mfundi vundla im sorry but u are very dumb sir what makes u think that people want to see children tormenting their mothers. First it was noluntu and mawande now its tshidi and her mom!Boring! if u no longer hav it in u to create sumtin interedting please retire perhaps sum young writers will do a better job. Thanx for nothing basically!

  19. hi genetaion is no longer interesting why are u keep on tromatizing mother and child i like generation so much but what is between tsili and her mother is wrong for viewer to watch give us something importent

    • Can’t say I blame her. Thanks old woman sold her kids and now she’s busy playing “angel granma” oh plz. She shud jus leave and let live.

  20. polyandry neh? talk about degrading yourself, why is karabo always acting like a love-struck teenager? cant she 4 once act her own age and decide wat she wants or rather who she wants? She makes women look cheap,a woman will never be the same as a man,a woman knows better than to have to men at da same time. Its against human nature and no matter wat the constitution may say. It is against God’s law!

  21. Iyoo i dont wanna be in Karabo’s shoes, what bout wen it comes
    to sleeping? I dont think she will handle sleeping with both of dem.

  22. used to love generations but not anymore. first it was mazwi and nolwazi who drove simphiwe to cheat. she wasnt that type of girl, i guess its true when they say circumstances lead people to do things they never intended to do. simphiwe was a good woman and a good wife to mazwi even if she had developed feelings for simanga he choose to die than to run away because she is not a mean person. now we get to see mazwi and nolwazi continue just like that and they expect us to be ok with the hole thing. secondly karabo is playing with tau’s feelings. the only man who has been there for her ever since. he gave up everything for this woman and now he has to sit back and agree to share her wife with the man he hates. how would she sleep with both of them, its just disgusting. when will justice be done, when will the innocent get their revenge. how could they play with our emotions like that. i need to watch something that i really enjoy not something that will make me mad every time i watch. not even to talk about wht they did to tau’s mother….its just disgusting. mfundi is going to fast

    • Well here i always wonder if our soapies creators, producers infact the entire crew do realise that we look too much into these soapies whereby we always ask ourselves countless questions to no answers. Because in most cases you just see and feel on how their storylines play with our minds

  23. What’s up with the two husbands for karabo…I wonder if she ll be able to handle the bedroom…what’s the deal with wandile??

  24. Ohh my gosh, i used to hate Lucy’s character, but these days, she kills me.. Xolelwa too..And so since Ester left with their money they let her go,,see what im talking about..Just like that, yet its easy to catchor trace Gadafhi’s enemies and stones..mxm

  25. Getty is getting what she deserved, A man can’t be pushed like she did recently, Ao Adze, I feel sorry for the guy because everything is blame on him.

  26. I want Namhla to carry on in love with Adze. Their love will renew other relationships. What a good guy Adze. it is gonna boring me when Adze gone.

  27. It is high people accepts foreigners like Adze he is doing something about his life unlike lazy people like Stones who doesn’t want to work. Adze doesn’t want freebies he works hard and he is honest and he loves Namhla, they should be given a chance. I hope they deal with Stones he is a troublemaker

  28. I hate it when foreigners are treated like that. Who would never be a foreigner in another country. Remember what goes around comes around. This part of foreigners treatment Will lead to the community treating them like that because people are more entertained by wrong things

  29. I hate this part of an innocent guy like Adze treated like this, because when the evil ones saw this part, they would do the same to the foreigners, i feel for Namhla

  30. We are all people it daznt matter the race,colour weather foreigner or not, but we are all humans so please mfundi vundla end the foreigner attack part.

  31. we are all being it daznt matter the race, colour,but we are all human beings so please mfundi vundla stop the foreigner attack part please

  32. foreigners attack must come to an end,they are human being just like us and worse part of it we are all foreigners,not all of them are criminals

  33. dont like what karabo is doing to tau, it hurts me,tau loves karabo so much,but she treats him like a trash. Indeed he must go back to tandaza lol.

  34. I wish that Gaddafi would just cut out of this nonsense.. in fact i hate the snake part it just makes me sick… Karabo is stupid and selfish

  35. Nna I really can’t watch Gen I’m scared of snakes wethu iyoh ae just give Amo to his parents already next thing ghe snake will be hungry and will have to feed n humans a.a!

  36. this snake part seriously terrifies me, i guess i will tune in again once the snake part is over. who holds the snake like a baby,let alone talk to them.

    ai ai ai, what are you trying to teach us here. are these things really happening out there: im sorry i cant handle this part.

  37. maybe by June I’ll start again watching generation when snake saga has gone…because like really iam afraid of snakes.Actually there’s one part I like Namhla and Adze bayangchaza shame just give them some more time to spend together

  38. Am just trying to understand what is the aim bring Adze scene definitely it’s doing more harm that the educating more especially after the recent xeno.attacks,management please address this concen

  39. I love generation with all my heart but now I feel like I hate coz of this #polyandry things…I dont understand wat ar they teaching us

  40. I am a generation fan bt this stones part is annoying mi guys u shld understand tt we r al Africans nw its boring wt tt xeno wat wat nxaaaa wat r u teaching us n @ de other part tshindi n TT snake

  41. DEAR MFUNDI VUNDLA Generations suppose to educate us,so what are you trying to teach us now…1. You teaching us that we can steal a child and get a snake to protect us??? 2. if Mary flew away with a sugar daddy so u telling us that we can stop going to school nd look for sugar daddies??? 3. if Karabo marries 2 man u telling us that if m not happy with my man I can marry another 1 without divorcing my husband???

  42. Fuck you mfundi vundla. It looks like you are a devil worshiper… Generations should be cancelled. I really hate this shit of Karabo. Its shit…. I no longer watch the soap because of it

  43. What is being done to Adze is not good and it is not a good example to other foreigners….I don’t like it.Change it before it backfires to Mzantsi….

  44. What is being done to Adze is not good and it does not show a good example to other foreigners.Change it before it done to other foreigners in Mzansi

  45. Wat u are doing abt de snake,tsidi and de sangoma thing , u are promoting witchcraft………..i even broke my TV bcouse of dis shit

  46. This is totally out of line a woman getting married for two men.people are watching this guys.My question is are promoting this kind of a marriage or is just a play?


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