Generations Teasers: March 2016


Generations Teasers: March 2016 – The upcoming episodes for Generations: The Legacy (Soapie Teasers for Generations: March 2016) will features Gadaffi, Wandile,  Tau, Mazwi, Zola, Getty, Namhla,  Karabo, Xolelwa,  Lucy, Gadaffi,  Tshidi and other popular characters. Read the below Generations: The Legacy Teasers for March 2016…

Monday 01 March 2016
Episode 67 (0327)

Tshidi is beside herself about the missing snake. By ridding herself of one problem, Lucy just created another. Eve tells Angela what happened isn’t her fault.

Wednesday 02 March 2016
Episode 68 (0328)

The Khumalo brothers realise who ratted them out. Getty has a plan to get Namhla out of her funk. Tau seems very supportive but it’s actually just a big act.

Thursday 03 March 2016
Episode 69 (0329)

Elam tells Wandile to come clean to his father. Cosmo is fed up with how the Diales are being treated and decides to do something about it. The pressure gets too much for Karabo who finally breaks down.

Friday 04 March 2016
Episode 70 (0330)

Patricia is shocked when Tshidi shows up with a live chicken. Mavis blames the Diales for her son’s setback. Will the snake save the Phakades from certain death?

Monday 07 March 2016
Episode 71 (0331)

Siya is stunned by his brother’s revelation. The inyanga has a grim warning about Gadaffi interfering where he shouldn’t. Zola tries where Tau failed but also doesn’t succeed.

Tuesday 08 March 2016
Episode 72 (0332)

Smanga implores Tebogo to allow the wedding to take place. Wandile lies so he can have the apartment all to himself for the night. Tshidi has a special request she puts to Mamlambo.

Wednesday 09 March 2016
Episode 73 (0333)

Cosmo is thrilled when his Internet video starts drawing in new customers. Karabo is stunned to see what awaits her at the Moroka house. The Khumalo brothers receive a special visitor who presents them with an ominous ‘gift’.

Thursday 10 March 2016
Episode 74 (0334)

Angela is shocked and overwhelmed by what she finds in the drawer. Xolelwa is not happy when Getty makes progress in hooking a client. Tshidi vows to do whatever the snake wants her to.

Friday 11 March 2016
Episode 75 (0335)

Gadaffi doesn’t like being disregarded but can’t do much about it. Tau is ready for a fight yet Smanga gives as good as he gets. Wandile is determined to get in touch with his feminine side.

Monday 14 March 2016
Episode 76 (0336)

Zola receives some shocking news. Is Siya ready to pop the question? The Phakades are horrified by what the snake asks of them.

Tuesday 15 March 2016
Episode 77 (0337)

Angela worst fear didn’t come true so why is she unhappy? Karabo refuses to cause a scene in front of the media. The inyanga tells Tshidi there is no way out for her.

Wednesday 16 March 2016
Episode 78 (0338)

Getty is not about to let Xolelwa ruin things a second time round. The Phakades believe they have found a way to appease Mamlambo. Wandile loses it when the guys push him to get a girl’s number.

Thursday 17 March 2016
Episode 79 (0339)

Cosmo is angry when Lucy rains on his parade again!
Siya makes a shocking revelation.
A mysterious fire breaks out at #hashtag World…

Friday 18 March 2016
Episode 80 (0340)

Gadaffi decides to put an end to the snake once and for all. Angela isn’t sure if her relationship is worth the effort. Zola is horrified when he hears what his son’s been up to.

Monday 21 March 2016
Episode 81 (0341)

Getty loves every minute of bossing Xolelwa around. Wandile gets another beating, this time from his father. The Phakades arrive home to an unwelcome guest.

Tuesday 22 March 2016
Episode 82 (0342)

For once Cosmo isn’t happy to get a paying job. An angry mob forces their way into Ezweni. Lucy is only too happy to do what calculating Tau asks of her.

Wednesday 23 March 2016
Episode 83 (0343)

Jack instructs Gadaffi about his first job. Siya doesn’t waste time going back to his bachelor ways. Lesedi is determined to make the best music video ever.

Thursday 24 March 2016
Episode 84 (0344)

Zola hires a prostitute. Angela is hurt to hear the details about the boys’ night out. Tshidi is rattled to the core by what the inyanga has to say.

Friday 25 March 2016
Episode 85 (0345)

Wandile will no longer pretend to be something he’s not. Karabo is worried about what will happen at the press conference. Getty starts feeling the pressure of her new position.

Monday 28 March 2016
Episode 86 (0346)

Cosmo’s attempt to revive the band blows up in his face. Siya can’t keep it together anymore when the woman he loves shows up. Gadaffi hires protection for his family.

Tuesday 29 March 2016
Episode 87 (0347)

Tau proves he has principles after all. Lesedi brings her friends to the shebeen, has a plan up her sleeve. Amo goes missing from nursery school.

Wednesday 30 March 2016
Episode 88 (0348)

Tshidi is worried about making an enemy of Jack. Getty is shocked when she receives her credit card statement. Angela realises she could lose her man for good.

Thursday 31 March 2016
Episode 89 (0349)

Karabo is suspicious when she can’t find the report. Shock and delight when a well-known celebrity shows up at the shebeen. Siya pops the question.

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  1. Now gen is becoming a cult like story line nd its boring. Why now bring a snake? So now the Phakades ar ritualists or satanists? Wow u lost it no Mfundi

  2. Generations has become more and more like Days of our lives, something that you don’t understand where is it heading to. Shame on a writers and producers ,you are such a disgrace

  3. Tshidi and Gaddaffi seriously makesme soo angry its actually not funny just to tell the truth will that be soo difficult # sooo not cool

  4. This generations is so boring coz I don’t see the education are we getting on the Karabo role of having two Man and also at the Phakhade’s family of the snake issue. tjooooo so scary

  5. I dont see why most ladies dont agree with Karabo’s decision to take two guys, they do that mos in private, fake life!

    Since the introduction of the snake, we stopped watching. It goes on and on in circles with no progress. Goo luck to the viewers, My self and family are out!

  6. Satanism its been praised on Generations..First it ws Namhla n parties on da grave yard and now its Tshidi n snake altogether with hell of sacrifices and bloods..aiii nxa

  7. Hay I also hate these satanist stuff mahn hay ..ways going on I love generations but this ???..hay..Wandi is gaydrag queen??I knew he was gonna play this part from the day he came .. #SnakesMustFall

  8. Better Tau than Ghadaffi who finds himself bound in a polyandry with a snake…… can’t w8 4 the new episode of ashes 2 ashes so I can switch 2 it

  9. this mamlambo thing is getting into my nerves is so boring
    nfundi need please change the storyline of mamlambo

  10. coz in a way you are promoting Xenophobia, and yu are promoting satanism, and you are promoting infidelity thru this polyandry thing pliz stop and re write your scripts i know you can do better.

  11. It mayb scary bt this malambo issue its a lesson:taking a goblin is nt a way to solve prblms, face ur prblms headon ,it may seem to wrk to ur advantage bt at e end boom!

  12. tshidi and his man gadaffi are at the dangerous least they have mamlambo but at the end the truth will come out

    • I don’t like this part of the snake bcs it demands a lot from Tsidi,I think the snake want to take Gadaffis place as a husband.

  13. learn to stand up for your family even if its hard cause family comes first. give back amo to his realy parents and everthing will be oky! then take care of ur husband.

  14. I love watching generations now that there’s mamlambo am also from Zim would love to act on generations as a foreigner..if you need a foreign actress please email me

  15. Yoh Tshidi n Mamlambo wakho
    Come on gal return the child to his biological parents, Give Gadaffi his own child you will never leave in fear ever again.
    Mamlambo is asking for to much cabanga a snake to be your next hubby yoh………..

  16. Yyo what exactly will mamlambo ask from Tshidi that can make Tshidi to return a child to his mom n dad,hw can a sister do this to his brother n mom

  17. new era my foot
    mamlambo is a lesson but zola n karabo nxaaaaaa change your storyline please its js boring n there is no lesson there

  18. Generation its taught evil spirits like snake of tshidi and even what karabo is doing is not worths it and its ashamed

    • You can say that again. Both the writer and the director are really demonically* possessed. I wonder what they are teaching this generation of ours, and the ones to come.

    • wandile ‘s part is also boring i wish it will have an end generations is quite boring it doesint have an intrest.

  19. Ouch Gadaffi,moving from giving instructions to being given instructions is not going to be easy man.well i am happy that the black jack is back

  20. Gadaffi is the real man he knws what he is dowing and jeack mast respect boss g..gadaffi.cosmo stop singin and forcas on big mettr,s.

  21. I dont understand why mazwe sleep with another woman while he still mouring(thapo) for his late wife in african culture you cant sleep with anyone till theymake ceremony and take it off.


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