Glow TV January 2015: highlights


167-Glow TVJan Movies

4th Heroes

An uplifting story of courage, loyalty and heartache. Two film students create a documentary about why not to join the armed forces. Their research leads them to deliver three letters, each from a slain soldier to his family.


11th Hijack

An unassuming engineer at the Chandigarh Airport has his life turned upside down when his daughter is on a flight that is hijacked. When the flight is forced to land at the Chandigarh Airport, he must find a way to save his daughter.


18th Dekh Tamasha Dekh

A political satire about a man who is crushed by a billboard, belonging to a local politician. His death sparks a riot as his religious beliefs are contested. Chaos and drama ensue, as the entire village wants a say.


25th Warning

Seven friends reunite for the holiday of a lifetime. On board a luxury yacht, they are forced to face unresolved issues. Determined to put the past behind them and have fun, they do not anticipate the underwater terror that awaits.


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