Glow TV to close end of June 2016


The entertainment channel, Glow TV (DStv channel 167) will be shut down as of Thursday, 30 June 2016 and will no longer be available on media platforms.

Glow TV, which brings viewers eastern-inspired programming across various genres, was launched by Kagiso Media in October 2013 and brought Indian soapies and dramas to viewers across Southern Africa.

The channel is part of the Urban Brew Studios (UBS) stable which also includes [ED], Dumisa and One Gospel.  Glow has been available on the DStv platform, OpenView HD and StarSat.

Urban Brew Studios CEO Trish Taylor said the current economic climate and the higher cost of programming contributed to the decision to close the channel.
“Glow viewers have been supportive, loyal and dedicated. They are the ones most affected by our decision. We thank our valued viewers, advertisers and the satellite platforms for their amazing support of Glow TV over the past two and a half years,” says Taylor.
Kagiso Media Group CEO Mark Harris explained that while this decision was not an easy one, it is in the best interest of the broader group.
“We are in the business of making great television but we also have to make sure that the business models associated with channels and programming work for the broader group,” says Harris.
Deputy Group chief executive officer Omar Essack added that they will continue to produce and supply viewers and media partners with the best content and formats available, not just in Africa but across a global footprint.
One of the biggest production studios in Africa, UBS produces much-loved programs across all genres including youth, entertainment, factual, drama series and Telenovelas. Flagship shows include YOTV, Gold Diggers and Live AMP to name a few.


    • Please put Saraswatichandra (TV series) back on the screen I love this soapie
      I would like to know why the slot time of Sara’s TV series 6:30 has changed .
      It still gets advertised as 6:30 Monday to Friday… please do not change it.
      Wednesday only one part of the episode played on Tuesday night and yesterday ( Wednesday night ) nothing at all.
      Is it being taken off air if so why ?
      Concerned viewer

      • Oh no, how can we get hold of the series after 30th of june…?? This is love, Saras,….???why not get rid of all the other useless channals???

    • Don’t do this to us glow tv, This is love brings great morals to my is very disturbing to hear that your service is no longer going to be in-service.please aleast introduce it to another channel.this has left me very sad as to not knowing the end of “This Is Love”.

  1. I enjoy watching Glow TV even my husband and son are now watching it with us, there are not many indian channel that we can watch Please ,Please , Please you can’t do this

  2. Please we beg you please reconsider your decision on removing the glo tv channel. It really brings us such joy in this hectic and challenging life we lead.
    I used to watch the programmes on my own in the beginning and my husband used to watch his sports channels as we have extra view.. now my husband also joins me.. its the best part of a tyring day to just relax and unwind while watching glo tv. I’m sure there are going to be many disappointed people my friends also watch this channels its not only for Indian people.

    • Seconded glow tv really bring us joy we really want to see Raman and ishita,kumud and saras the soapies must continue from where you left us,when Raman plans to leave ishita when ishita followed him to airport to tell him that she loves him please please please please.

  3. Please dont close glow channel it brings such joy watching it has family. It teaches us lessons of life. Theres no crap or vulgar or violence.

    • O no no no. Why why why I afrikaans but I love the glow soaps. O o o no no no please I love my soaps . Please keep glow open want to see the end of saras and. This is love. The most nices programs o gonna piet nee

      • Oh no, how can we get hold of the series after 30th of june…?? This is love, Saras,….???why not get rid of all the other useless channals??? Why can ZeeW channal goiing on and not Glo? Please cell all glow serie to ZeeW channal then? Please, please…i love Ishita and Raman’s love story… it is so common to many peoples lives…lot to learn…and little Rudi..??

      • Oh no, how can we get hold of the series after 30th of june…?? This is love, Saras,….???why not get rid of all the other useless channals??? Why can ZeeW channal goiing on and not Glo? Please cell all glow serie to ZeeW channal then? Please, please…i love Ishita and Raman’s love story… it is so common to many peoples lives…lot to learn…and little Rudi..??

      • Maybe we can subscribe to Glow, This is Love and Saras to just stop. Unfair. Please, find solution and fast, Indians and vast majority SAfricans love this channel,

  4. Just when there’s something for the Indian community to watch and we enjoy……… IT GETS SHUT DOWN! How typical of south Africa. Everything else is either getting burnt, stolen or closed forever so why not glow too??????

  5. The Glow channel is the most watched tv channel. Not only by indians but the broader community alike. It just cannot be shut down. I just love my soapies.

    • It’s very sad because. Glow is very educational channel that teaches us many things in life and is also good to be viewed by youngsters.

  6. Its understandable but at least finish these soaps that are half way through.
    Dont leave us in suspense there are thousands of viewers that enjoy watching dont shut down without completing what Glow as started ……. PLease

  7. This is not exceptable, why can’t they remove the Gospel channel rather. Or does’nt DSTV wanna pick up the channel, as we are already paying so much, please re-think ur decision.

  8. Good day.
    It saddens me to learn that Glow TV will be removed due to the High cost. Unfortunately there ain’t any other Indian channels or programmes to promote our Indian cultures and beliefs. SABC TV also doesn’t give us sufficient broadcasting time. I appeal to our broadcasters to please reconsider their dississions and alternately give us another Indian Channel to suite their budget. Thank you.

  9. So what happens to the soapies that we are following we pay so much just to be shut down with a months notice not fair
    shame on kagiso media group it saddens me to see good viewing shutting down

  10. It’s not all surprising. Anything that benefits the Indian community is the first to be axed.
    I wonder how many people are paying their TV licences. Am I paying for 90% of the channels I do not watch. Will the DSTV subscriptions be reduced? SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  11. It is really sad that the channelmhas to close down we are so used to watching the soapies how will we follow them now

  12. Not sure who is going to read this, seeing as i sent e-mails regarding the Soapie Saras and i am still waiting for feedback. NOT FAIR…. I agree anything that involves Indians are always the first to go…. WHY??????. I am so disappointed. How am i going to follow my soapies…. to short notice… 🙁

  13. Why do we Indians always have our channels stopped. After a hard days of work I eagerly come home to watch my soapies. I elected for Dstv just for the Glow and Zee World. Totally unfair

  14. This is nt fair coz we enjoy glow as it is the main reason why I pay my data. So it means no more dstv for us. By why glow tv N nt ED mxm pissed for years. How will we know the end of our soapies?

  15. Please don’t close down this channel. My entire family enjoys watching the soapies, including myself. Especially “This is Love”. Will these soapies be moved to Zee World? Is there any way we can continue watching the soapies elsewhere?

    • Let each series run its course to the end and then gradually shut down the channel. Take note of people who pay ltheir licence and a lot of money for DSTV. Please please. I love these programmes along with many other disappointed Glow fans

  16. No please don’t close it down please reconsider your decision how will I watch this is love please don’t close it down please I beg you.

  17. Please don’t close this channel. My entire family loves watching This is Love. I am so dissapointed! I have been watching this show since the first episode aired! 🙁 Very very sad!!!

  18. I am truely dissappointed to read that Glow Tv channel will be shut on June 30.Viewers should be made aware of where they can continue watching there favourite soaps.It is totally unfair to the indian community.I myself am saddened and disheartened as i looking forward after a hard days work,having having a few good laughs watching my soaps.Would you be kind enough to let viewers know where they will find soaps from Glow Tv?

  19. Why!!!! Im so sad ive become so used to watching this is love its my fav show now were must i continue watching but for the awesome entertainment i thank u guys good job

  20. please don’t close the channel what will I do with all the free time now, my favourite show is on that channel. Even during dinner my family and I watch the 20:30 show every weekday. So plz don’t close it.

  21. Please make This is love play on Zee World its my fav not mine only but hundreds its the only sophie I like among all.

  22. Please provide this is love ( yeh hai mohabbatein ) as we all enjoy this programme and eould live to continue watching it at the same time it is currently board cast please

  23. Plz plz plz air “This is Love” in channel 166-Zee World. I love the soapie which I so look forward to seeing daily.
    Thanking you for all your support.

  24. Please put this is love on zeetv at same timeslot cos it’s only soapie which is amazing. Not fair cos only one that not repeated. You’re owe viewers that much

  25. Plz plz move this is love to zeetv plz we as south Africans really love and enjoy the soapie . I only watch TV couse of it plz

  26. Plz plz plz some how manage to play “this is love ” plz plz plz this is the only reason I still pay my dstv account lol

  27. This was the only channel still worth watching. Is thr any other platform we can continue watching. This is love. Pls reply.

  28. Oh my gosh no…thiz can’t b happening…ain’t there anything u could do. 2 save diz soapie??i feel so down naw…my family & I are alwyz glued up 2 Tv bcoz of thiz…plz plz we beg of u…try to figure something else to save “this is love”

  29. Ohhhhhhhh my Gosh what will happen nw to This is Love can somebody on the Glow TV informed us please we are pleasing u guys come on

  30. Why does this channel have to close ohh my God, I can stay without watching this is love, , will be tops if the channel closes after the series finish completely

  31. This is not fair I can’t live without watching yeh hai mohabbatein (This is love) please tell if it’s a joke

  32. Oh no what will we do without This is Love. Why are u guys doing this. I cannot live without Ishita and Raman. Plse don’t do this. What can we do? Plse help

  33. please inform us at least where will we watch ” This is love ” or will it be shifted to ZeeWorld????? #Heartbroken

  34. Its really sad that one of our favorite channels will be taken away, without programming being moved to other channel, so it can be still viewed, 95% of south african’s have taken to these channels, and have stopped viewing other channels and started following these soapies.
    can this not be moved to a different channel, can another channel not be created for this. Can audiance perhaps vote.

  35. Im not just hurt,im very upset aswell that you would drop my favorite channel like this… Have you thought about our feelings or even asked the public what they think…if you honestly cared about the fans you already had we could have made this channel very popular via social media but NO you didnt even inform us and we were not even aware the channel was struggling its not fair and its just DOWN_RIGHT cruel coz this is the thanx we get!!!

    Anyway i will miss This Is Love i just hope it plays on another channel in the near future…..FINGERS_CROSSED

  36. this is my favourite channel…please can another channel take these soapies on and not let the viewers down by stopping Glow Tv and all the programs that go with it.

  37. It’s very sad that glow tv channel is best one and amazing shows. This is love and young love is my favourite channel. I will be really miss them. I love glow tv channel. Please bring them back glow tv channel please! Thanks. Leanne and Trevor

  38. Please people allow this is love to get to the end .then from there on you can take the channel all you want.Please just spare me some couple of months with my baby “this is love”please hear your supporters view point.

  39. There are no “Indian” movies, soapies or any other entertainment on either SABC 1,2,3 or Etv. especially for the very large Indian community. Now Glow shuts down!! How very disappointing. What is taking its place? We have never seen indian soaps on any channel. Is this the reason why “Young Love” came to such an abrupt end.
    Have any plans been made to replace these programmes or is the channel going to be taken over with some indian content?

  40. Please don’t take GlowTV away. Since the Indian Channels have been introduced i have hardly watch anything else on DSTV. I am totally sad that I will not be able to watch my favourite soapie, ‘This Is Love’, anymore.

  41. I’m so sad that the channel is closing. It really kept me glued to my TV even my 2 year old son loved it. I will missed it. Can’t believe u guys are doing this to us.

  42. Hi I have put ovhd cos my familys loves watching glow now glow is going off air what does ovhd intend to install for the indian community the movies on the other channels are so old and not even good I hope we get another channel as glow for the indian community

  43. no guys u cant do that what about this is love nooooo plsssss no…i pay dish cos of this is love Raman Ishita Ruhi

  44. This is so sad my heart is so broken. I enjoy watching this is love especially raman en ishi and I’m not Indian.

  45. Please pleas OVHD why are you doing this to followers of Glow TV
    Think of sumthing not to close the channel please

  46. this is love is one of the best. how can this channel be taken out when it has so much of people watching it, they is other channels that have nothing good that can be taken out! come on OVHD…

  47. Oh my this sad news i love Saras and i was waiting for the new season to start were are we going to watch that.I also love the Kumars this is going to be a loss truly.

  48. I have enjoyed watching ‘This is Love’ how can I continue watch this when the Glow Channel is going tho be taken?

  49. this is very disappointing i bought OVHD just for glow and how while i be able to get hold of the series on glow plz get back to me asap

  50. My whole family enjoyed This Is Love a lot I don’t know how to explain to them when they found out about this,plz guys try your level best to shift it to another channel plz guys plz

  51. Very heart sore….this is love and Saras …..I’m addicted. It seems that Glow appealed to more than only the ‘indian’ community. So why why why is this happening! 🙁

  52. This is unacceptable. When we signed up we were informed of the channels that you are providing. I am sure you will lose lots of cllientele now to other service providers. So much for our addiction to glow guess its goodbye to open view.

  53. Typical of DSTV to discriminate against minority, You leave me with no option but to cancel this horrid subscription

  54. Plse dnt remove our favourite channel . Or can u replace with all series . Der goes.our.ovhd decoder which was purchased bec of glow channel.

  55. please we beg of you if you close glow channel pls move saras ,this is love to Zeeworld please ,I cant live without watching Raman and ISHI MOM

  56. Please don’t close this channel or if u do broadcast this is love on zee world the only reason I have DSTV is for the channel glow and why doesn’t OVHD accommodate for the indian viewers

  57. Way way way glow tv.Its not wright its the best tv channel.In the evening I cant wait to watch my movies.This is Love,Saras and so much more.Pleazzzzze dont close the channel.We learn so much out of the movies even the Kids is watching.Are they maybe gonna put these movies on.another channel Pleaze let Us know

  58. How can they close the best channel? Im not Indian, but this was my favor channel..specially THIS IS LOVE i learn a lot regarding their life style and believes, crying with them,and learn that children are allso to be heard, their opinion counts..Ishita & Raman and Rudi is a perfect family with normal problems.. and i love Mamma Balla and Ishu’s mom when they argue..? oh, please move these soapies to ZeeWorld channel… how can we follow the end…??

  59. Hi can glow tv please answer. Where can we watch this is love? Not answering is DSTV not caring or appreciating its audience.

  60. i dont think is fair for introducing channels to us and we get used to watching them and you decide to cancelled, we need toknow where we can watch this is love and saras,because to some of us glow tv was the reason we pay DSTV so please concider your view before taking you disition

  61. Hey guys I have some good news and some bad news ,you guys will surely be extremely excited……I live in Durban and I also noticed that our Indian broadcasting program (GLOW) will be closing down and I was also very annoyed with the fact that they gave us such short notice…’s a disappointment to our country and economy …..i maybe small but I’m not dumb I have a solution to the problems all of you have.
    I just need one thing from all of you guys ….
    Do u want to watch this is love,Saras,My life my choice …
    Well I have a solution and will post a video of how to do it on iOS ,not to sure for android.
    Works on all iOS platforms
    And although glow is going to stop as of the 1st of June …I have predownloaded …this is love episodes since I was addicted so much….I just want you’ll to reply to me and tell whether I should post the video
    Oh and all those people who watch “this is love ” and think we have gone so far in watching it were not trust me we have like 4000 more episodes even more and I’m not over exaggerating

    IM RUNNING IOS 9.3.1 non jailbreak and

  63. Please don’t close down the channel it is my favand can you please sell This Is Love to Zee World that would mean a lot thanks pliz reconsider your decision

  64. I’m not an Indian and hardly watch much TV, however I have to admit I have become very fond of Glow TV especially soapies like this is love. Its funny how a channel brought closeness within ones home. Its a channel I have freely watch without having to be wary of nudity, vulgar language etc. which is to be found on other channels. My family and I religiously would sit and watch the soaps bring a sense of togetherness. not many channels, soapies and entertainment are available for the entire family to watch. Zee TV is a total waste of my time and I strongly feel that’s the channel that should have gotten the axe, forgive me even the gospel channel as there are many on DSTV or they can switch to SABC. better yet just go to church.

  65. yaaammaaa…no no no don’t do this to me….please

    why u do this to me???? how im going to miss ishitha and raman…this is love was my life

    I don’t bath and leave the ironing to watch these shows

    what I must do now when im eating ice cream in the evenings

    this is so unfair… I must go on youtube now to watch the remaining episodes…who is going to give me data to watch…im going to go to depression

  66. This is love has become a part of us. It has taught us family values, how to respect one another. Removing this channel impact on our lives. Please reconsider, there is many other channels which are not worthy of watching which can be shut down. I am praying for your all to make a good business decision and reinstate Glow Tv.

  67. This is not fair. We enjoy this channel… This is love is my favorite soap… I won’t be able to see the last episodes… Please, on which channel will THIS IS LOVE soap continue?

  68. I put myself in a state of tears the whole day, realising that tonight is the last of GLOW…I could not believe what i see tonight when I put my TV on to watch the”LAST” of my favorite soapies a message again….GLOW is NOT shutting down??? It’s here to stay? Is this true??? Please tell me is it a joke or not?

  69. Omg. Glow is still on at 2am on the 1st of July! Can we celebrate????what’s going on!!!!! I’m so scared to be happy I wish Glow tv would make a proper announcement!

  70. Hey guys lol looks like I don’t have to post the videos because glow is under new ownership and will be staying forever yupiee..
    And yes you can celebrate

  71. Thank you Nismedia!!!!! We will jus hav to be patient for this month with repeats but August will bring happiness… episodes of our favourite soapies. So happy now….. whoop whoop.

  72. I’m glad that Glow is under new management, and here to stay..will be patient this month with the repeats, but please Glow change your info banners, so that we can see wich program is on when.. its very confusing, and want to do planning in household.. to watch my favorite shows. thank you…

  73. Yes pl don’t closs glow Tv 167 pl THIS IS LOVE is the best soapy pl we beg u we want to see the season 2 of THIS IS LOVE pl how are we going to watch the new season if u stop glow tv 167 pl don’t closse it pl

  74. Eish… the time banners of all the soapies is not correct on Glow channel, please help…. time zones is a mess….thank you!

  75. Guys u can’t just close the channel like that this is the only channel that brings my family together especially when we watch This is love pls guys try to find another solution to make this channel continue family is black but y have grown to love idian. Culture pls

  76. please do not close close I used to watch this is love and Saras alone but now my family and friends watch it too please don’t do this to us

  77. please do not close I used to watch this is love and Saras alone but now my family and friends watch it too please don’t do it at least change it to another chanel then

  78. What happened to the soapie of Saras and Kumud. I watched it last week now it’s gone again. Has it changed to another time

  79. i am soooo sad, i love watching saras and this is love, only channel i watch. i am not interested in the other channels, pleasssse bring saras back for us!!!!

  80. hi please return saras we want to know whats happen to kumud and saras. and also dnt stop this is love we really enjoy waching it it teach us good manners and also is perfect you can watch it with the whole family


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