What have I got?


TLCWhat Have I Got? is an all-new, 12-part original series exploring mysterious medical anomalies that encourages viewers to play doctor alongside the show’s experts. The Internet has created a growing habit of self-diagnosis, and What Have I Got? taps into the trend by putting viewers’ armchair medic skills to the test. The series will air on TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) on Friday, 7 November from 20:00.

In each episode of What Have I Got? the audience meets three ordinary individuals with puzzling ailments. At times humorous, often emotional, and always captivating, each patient reveals his or her symptoms through a series of carefully crafted clues. Viewers can test their own know-how by piecing together the evidence to form their own diagnoses, while the panel of medical experts—from surgeons to cosmetic medicine specialists—helps eliminate possible disorders along the way before revealing their official conclusion and answering everyone’s burning question: What have I got? But it doesn’t end here – What Have I Got? also follows patients post-verdict as they seek treatments and cures for their conditions.

From a man whose entire torso is covered with lumps, to a woman whose face is suddenly and inexplicably paralyzed and another woman whose eyes open only when she sings, the cases in What Have I Got? feature some of the rarest afflictions even the doctors have seen!

In addition to the three main storylines, each episode also amazes the experts with some of the most shocking ailments and eye-popping surgery that can be found in medical journals.

Recurring experts for the series include:

  • Dr. Amber Akhter, a general practitioner
  • Dr. Jon Barclay, a surgeon and avid rugby player
  • Dr. Lauren Bull, a sexual health specialist
  • Dr. Nick Knight, a junior doctor training in sports and exercise medicine
  • Dr. Daniel Quemby, an consultant in trauma
  • Dr. Bav Shergill, a leading consultant in dermatology

What Have I Got? combines extreme shock factor with raw emotion. The medical conditions highlighted are intriguing and the show will activate a sense of curiosity where people cannot stop watching until they know what the final diagnosis is. We are excited to see how South African viewers react to this program’s unique play-along format,” said Lee Hobbs, VP of Channels, Discovery Networks CEEMEA.

Don’t miss the premiere of What Have I Got? on TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) on Friday 7 November from 20:00.

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