Grant’s launches its new TV campaign across Sub-Saharan Africa


IOU AfricaThis May marked a first for both the brand and its owner as Grant’s – the world renowned and award winning blended Scotch whisky – officially launched a new TV campaign titled ‘#IOU Africa’. The locally produced TV commercial will air exclusively on TV across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Aligned with the Grant’s #IOU campaign, the TV spot challenges the notion of individual success and reflects the reality that none of us have made it this far in life on our own but sometimes we find it hard to express gratitude to the people who have helped us along the way.

Shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, #IOU Africa follows a guy as he shows how actions speak louder than words when he wants to express gratitude to the friends and acquaintances who have supported him along the way and helped him get more out of life. The film ends with the thought-provoking question ‘If you’ve got this far in life without owing anybody anything, how far have you really got?’.

Two of Africa’s best rappers, M.ANIFEST and HHP teamed up to collaborate on the track entitled, Jigah, which features in the TV commercial.

Edward Snell marketing manager, Lauren Kuhlmey, says, “It’s been an exciting journey to produce Grant’s first ever commercial in South Africa and we’re proud of what the brand has accomplished and believe this is the way to say thank you.”

“We know that guys find it easier to show gratitude through physical actions rather than vocalising it and wanted to bring that to life in our latest TV commercial. From a fist bump or a knowing nod to buying a good friend a Grant’s, the spot brings to life the notion that actions truly do speak louder than words,” adds Kuhlmey.

#IOU launched across Sub Saharan on Monday, 1 June 2015.