Hear ME Move (2015) Film now at Cinema


GENRES:Drama, Dance
NICHES:African, African American, Black, Third World

Cast Nyaniso Dzedze, Amanda Du Pont, Boity Thulo, Khanyi Mbau, Wandile Molebatsi, Makhaola Ndebele, Thembi Seeti, Lorcia Cooper, Bontle Modiselle, Mbuso Kgarebe

The son of a famous street dancer tries to discover the truth about his father’s tragic death 12 years prior. When he joins forces with his father’s dance partner, he finds himself embroiled in a bitter rivalry that pushes him to his limit.




Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Muzi is a street dance prodigy struggling to keep a
promise he made to his mother to never dance again after his equally gifted father was murdered
at a street party twelve years earlier. Little does he know that his father’s death was not as
everyone believed it to be. When his father’s ex-dance partner, Shoes, approaches Muzi to join
Shoes’s crew, Muzi has to choose between finding out the truth about his father’s death or
disappointing his mother. What he does not realize is that by joining Shoes’s crew, he will make
himself mortal enemies with Prince, the former leader of the crew and head of a new dance crew
that’s taking the city by storm. Muzi struggles to adapt to his new crew. Meanwhile, Prince garners
support throughout the dance community by upstaging “Sbujwa Nation” whenever he can and
gains popularity ahead of the big dance competition that everyone is working towards, titled “Hear
ME Move.” Muzi has to dig deep and come up with something that the crowds have never seen
before, while at the same time fighting to keep the crew together in the face of backstabbing,
jealousy and his budding romance with Khanyi, the stunningly beautiful girl in “Sbujwa Nation” and
Muzi’s school mate in college. Eventually he finds an old VHS tape that his father left him before
he died, and that proves to be the game changer.

Muzi is a mild mannered accounting student at a Johannesburg college. He is also the son of
Spikiri, a world famous “pantsula” (South African urban street) dancer who was killed at a street
party twelve years before. Muzi leads a repressed life, dancing in underground hip hop clubs by
night, while seemingly keeping his promise to his mother to no longer dance and not go down the
same path as his father. What Muzi doesn’t know is that his father’s death is not as everyone
believed it to be. While watching the qualifiers of the “Hear Me Move” dance competition, Muzi
unexpectedly bumps into his father’s former dance partner, Shoes, whom he hasn’t seen in twelve
years. Shoes is impressed when he witnesses Muzi’s prowess in an informal dance circle at the
competition, and he immediately offers Muzi a spot in his crew, “Sbujwa Nation”, promising to
reveal to him the full details of how Spikiri died if Muzi dances for him. Muzi has to choose between
finding out the truth about his father’s death or disappointing his mother. What he doesn’t realize is
that by joining Shoes’s crew, he is making himself mortal enemies with Prince, the former leader of
“Sbujwa Nation” and leader of a rival dance crew called “Ambish”, which is taking Johannesburg by

Prince, discovering that Muzi has taken his place in “Sbujwa Nation”, sets out to recruit the very
best dancers in Johannesburg, selling them on promises of fame and fortune should they become
the winners at the “Hear Me Move” competition, where the grand prize is an opportunity to be a
part of a global dance tour.

Muzi finds that fitting into a crew isn’t as easy as he thought it was. After years and years of doing
hip-hop moves in informal street battles and dance circles, now he finds himself having to fit into
the discipline and control of a dance crew, where his breakouts and flare are not appreciated. His
crew members grow increasingly frustrated with his non-conformity, eventually leading to a blow
out with the most vocal one of them, a hipster named Ora, who strongly feels that Muzi’s skill is
overrated. A further complication arises when Muzi starts to fall for Khanyi, an attractive young
woman who dances in the crew, and who Ora has the hots for.

Meanwhile, Prince is garnering support throughout the dance community by upstaging “Sbujwa
Nation” whenever he can and making “Ambishn” a household name. He becomes an overnight
success when he espouses the skhotane (South African bling) values of lavish living and splashing
money, garnering a lot of support ahead of the “Hear Me Move” finals. Muzi begins to suspect that
there is more than meets the eye where Prince is involved, and he confronts Shoes to tell him the
truth about Prince. Shoes reveals that he discovered Prince dancing on the township streets seven
years before, and was so impressed by Prince’s skills that he took Prince under his wing. Prince
had no family and so Shoes took him in and looked after him, teaching him everything he knew
about dance. Prince became better and better, and eventually discovered that Shoes had a secret:
a tape, made by Muzi’s father, containing all the dance moves that Muzi’s father had come up with
shortly before he died but never got a chance to perform in public. Prince insisted on watching the
tape, but Shoes refused to let him see it, because Prince had started to let the fame get to his head
and was dabbling in drugs and running with the wrong crowd. This led to a deepening divide
between Prince and Shoes, culminating in Prince leaving Shoes’s crew and starting his own crew
to rival them.

Prince challenges “Sbujwa Nation” to battle them as a build up to “Hear Me Move”, on a dance TV
show called “Toe To Toe”. Muzi promises his crew members to be at the competition, but fails to
show up when his mother discovers that he has been dancing, resulting in a massive fight at
home. “Sbujwa Nation” gets humiliated by “Ambishn” at the dance battle, and they direct the blame
at Muzi for not even showing up. They eventually kick him out of the crew, and Muzi, at odds with
his mother, moves in with Shoes.

But Prince is not yet satisfied. He engineers a plot to get hold of Spikiri’s tape, a plot that has
drastic and unforseen consequences and leaves Shoes on the brink of death and in hospital. With
“Sbujwa Nation” disbanded and Shoes hospitalized, it seems as if “Ambishn” is poised to take
“Hear Me Move”. Muzi is forced to come up with something and come up with it fast. The answer
that he is seeking is found in that tape that his father made twelve years earlier. Muzi has to dig
deep and find the strength to reunite his crew, teach them new moves and get them ready for the
final competition.

But Prince, as always, is one step ahead of his rivals and is prepared to stop at nothing. He shows
up at “Hear Me Move” ready to take the title, and he will let nothing and no one stand in his way,
eventually resorting to foul play of the worst kind. Muzi’s resolve and strength are stretched to
unimaginable limits to fulfill the mission that he embarked upon, eventually realizing that Prince’s
weakness is his greatest strength.

Hear ME Move hit cinemas on February 27th 2015.