High Rollers Teasers: June 2016 Episodes


Upcoming ‘SABC3’s High Rollers’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for June 2016.

So, what will happen this June on “High Rollers ”?

Wednesday 1 June 2016
Episode 141

TT opens up to Mhambi about his dreams and visions. Paul takes Busi for a picnic at his dream house. Kenny hides his knee injury from Linkie and Michelle and resorts to extraordinary measures to continue with the competition. Esme thinks Talullah is pregnant, but she can’t get a straight answer out of her or Ben.

Monday 6 June 2016
Episode 142

Busi tells Paul she wants to live overseas, forcing him to choose between her and his dream property. Analine confronts Paul over the letters he wrote her and asks him to be honest with himself.

Kenny and Ramon are pitched into an interview together, which becomes a viral sensation on social media – which may or may not be a good thing. Talullah throws a fit, but Esme stops her from embarrassing herself.

Tuesday 7 June 2016
Episode 143

Analine is upset when David announces he’s applied to be CEO under the new owners without consulting her. Paul and Busi get closer as they work on the house together.

Ramon catches Kenny injecting painkillers into his knee and tries to use it as leverage to get ahead in the competition. Esme realises that Talullah hasn’t told Ben the news and confronts her.

Wednesday 8 June 2016
Episode 144

Busi reads Paul’s letter to Analine and puts her foot down. Analine offers to help Paul with Busi – but what are her real motives? Dhanny knows something is up with Kenny and sets about finding out more. An honest conversation with Thandi helps Talullah make a decision about her pregnancy.

Monday 13 June 2016
Episode 145

Rumours over the sale of the casino spread like wildfire amongst the staff and in the midst of the chaos Paul and Analine have a dramatic miscommunication.

Kenny tries to talk Ravi into getting him more injections for his knee, but Dhanny has other ideas. Desperate to stop Talullah from making what she thinks is a mistake, Esme tells Ben what she’s planning.

Tuesday 14 June 2016
Episode 146

After an all-night negotiation with the casino workers’ union, Paul finds Analine waiting for him in the car park. Determined to expose Kenny, Dhanny sets up a ’sting operation’ – but he finds an unexpected saviour.

Talullah resorts to traditional medicine in her search for a termination solution and recruits a reluctant Muzi to help. Busi misunderstands Paul’s offer in the most spectacular way possible.

Wednesday 15 June 2016
Episode 147

The misunderstanding with Busi – which he fails to correct – causes Paul even more anxiety. Paul turns to Analine for answers with inevitable circumstances – but things go wrong, very quickly.

Ramon catches Kenny injecting his knee and makes a plea to him – but Kenny thinks Ramon is only looking after himself. Thandi brings Talullah the termination medicine, but Michelle intervenes.

Monday 20 June 2016
Episode 148

Paul wants to come clean with David, but Analine won’t let him. Busi gives Paul a chance to admit what’s going on – will he take it? Kenny is upset when he finds out everyone is betting on Ramon to win and decides to sabotage the competition.

Only Ben’s threat of legal action convinces Talullah to see the light. Esme makes a surprise admission to Thandi about Ben.

Tuesday 21 June 2016
Episode 149

David makes a promise to Busi about Paul and Analine to force through the sale. Analine makes a dramatic decision about her future with David. Ramon’s dance partner falls ill after drinking one of Ravi’s shakes – did Kenny have something to do with it?

Thandi discovers that Ben is willing to take care of the baby, even if Talullah doesn’t want to – and rushes to try to stop her from taking the termination medication.

Wednesday 22 June 2016
Episode 150

David uses Analine as a bargaining chip with Paul in an attempt to force his hand over the casino sale. It’s the final day of the dance competition, and Ramon is still trying to convince Kenny to reveal the extent of his injury to Linkie.

Talullah returns from the hospital and Ben confronts her, but Talullah stands firm about her dancing dreams.

Monday 27 June 2016
Episode 151

David continues to squeeze Paul for his shares. Ben asks to meet Analine – but Analine has a lot to tell him, too. Analine reacts when she finds out about Paul’s deal with David.

As Michelle and Kenny prepare to find out the sex of Michelle’s baby, Kenny and Esme despair over Tallulah’s lack of maternal sentiment. Ravi disastrously confronts TT over Mhambi’s new custom uniform.

Tuesday 28 June 2016
Episode 152

While Paul is pressuring Analine to sign the papers, Linkie is on a mission to keep her parents together. David tries to get Busi to stop the casino sale, but she wants something in return. Ben and Esme unite to resolve a crisis, leading Dhanny to attempt to play matchmaker. Talullah asks Thandi to help her find more termination medication.

Wednesday 29 June 2016
Episode 153

Busi warns David that double-crossing her will cost him dear. Mhambi warns TT that he needs to be sure he’s fulfilling his destiny. Analine must choose between love and money. Talullah is forced to resign and move out of Kenny’s flat – but she’s not bothered because she’s convinced Ben will look after her.

Ben invites Esme to lunch to apologise and Esme floats a life-changing idea with him. Dhanny has stolen one of Gugu’s ‘whales’ and she enlists Ravi’s help to turn the tables – but he is still fighting for his own uniform and will do whatever it takes, to win.

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