Husband for Hire Teasers: November 2015


Soapie Teasers – Husband for Hire Teasers: November 2015 – Here is what to expect….

Monday, 2 November, The photo of the woman who visited the hospital the day that Marcela died is sent to the police. Griselda refuses to talk to Reinaldo.

Tuesday, 3 November, Griselda goes home to find Teresa Cristina and Joseph in a very compromising position. Teresa Cristina and Rosario plot against Griselda.

Wednesday, 4 November, Iris threatens Reinaldo about the photo of him kissing Griselda, but when Teresa Cristina sees the photo, she does not react how Iris expected her to.

Thursday, 5 November, Barbara goes to the hotel in search of a job, but will not accept the offer to be a maid. Instead, she becomes a waitress.

Friday, 6 November, Reinaldo realises that Teresa Cristina has seen the photo, and she has closed the Gourmet Palmer restaurant. Teresa Cristina refuses to talk about it.

Monday, 9 November, Fernando and Teresa Cristina plot to burn down Griselda’s mansion. Griselda and Reinaldo meet in a hotel, but they are found there.

Tuesday, 10 November, Iris takes an incriminating photo of José and Teresa Cristina, but José finds out and destroys it. Iris then learns that Mario has a similar photo.

Wednesday, 11 November, Iris decides to keep the incriminating photo of Teresa Cristina. Divorce proceedings begin. The Gourmet Palmer restaurant is re-opened.

Thursday, 12 November, Griselda reveals to Reinaldo that José and Teresa Cristina are lovers, and their romance began before Reinaldo and Teresa Cristina separated.

Friday, 13 November, Griselda admits that she loves Reinaldo. Reinaldo finds out that Teresa Cristina has left him broke, and must tell Griselda this.

Monday, 16 November, Manuel sees a poster of the photo of Teresa Cristina dressed in disguise at the hospital. Teresa Cristina is warned, and could be in big trouble.

Tuesday, 17 November, Teresa Cristina and Ro go on a hunt to remove all the posters of her photo. Iris overhears Teresa Cristina talking about it and gets suspicious.

Wednesday, 18 November, Reinaldo refuses to accept that Simon and Patricia are in a relationship. Barbara seduces Kike, but Griselda interrupts them.

Thursday, 19 November, The two parties take place. Teresa Cristina makes an entrance at Griselda’s party by ripping Reinaldo’s shirt off in front of everyone.

Friday, 20 November, The parties are in full swing. At the end, Reinaldo decides to spend the night in the mansion with Griselda, and José goes to Teresa Cristina’s house.

Monday, 23 November, Amalia finds out about Teresa Cristina’s relationship. She later goes to visit Rafael in prison. Kike offers to help Clara.

Tuesday, 24 November, Griselda has an idea to surprise Reinaldo by anonymously buying the Gourmet Palmer, but Celeste is not sure that this is a good idea.

Wednesday, 25 November, Esther is about to give birth. Teresa Cristina has sold the Gourmet Palmer restaurant and it is now time for it to reopen, everybody is excited.

Thursday, 26 November, Teresa Cristina asks Fernando to set fire to Griselda’s mansion. Griselda returns home to find her house in flames and Amalia screaming for help.

Friday, 27 November, Rafael tells Griselda that her house was set fire to deliberately. Griselda is determined to find evidence to blame Teresa Cristina for the fire.

Monday, 30 November, Griselda tells Teresa Cristina that she will find enough evidence to lock her up for setting fire to her house. Griselda begins to repair the mansion.

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