Husband for Hire Teasers – September 2015


Husband for Hire Teasers – September 2015: Here is what to expect….

Tuesday, 1 September

Griselda decides that she will give money to Antonio to set up his own practice. Griselda is invited out to dinner by both Reinaldo and Gabriel.

Wednesday, 2 September

Everybody is surprised by Griselda’s beautiful appearance. Teresa Cristina has a flashback to some news she received many years ago.

Thursday, 3 September

Reinaldo asks to separate from Teresa Cristina, but she does not believe him and will not accept this. Griselda looks for Barbara at the hotel.

Friday, 4 September

Reinaldo decides to give Teresa Cristina another chance. Teresa Cristina plots against Griselda, and threatens to murder Reinaldo if he abandons her.

Monday, 7 September

Antonio advises Griselda to move house. Iris looks for Teresa Cristina and a mafia guy sees her entering the mansion.

Tuesday, 8 September

Griselda finds a house she likes, but Teresa Cristina tries to ban her from moving. The mafia guy also in the mansion listening to their discussion.

Wednesday, 9 September

Iris reveals Teresa Cristina’s secret to Mario. The mafia guy sneaks into the Palmer mansion and wakes Teresa Cristina.

Thursday, 10 September

The mafia guy pressures Teresa Cristina to give him money in exchange for not revealing the secrets that he heard Iris telling Mario.

Friday, 11 September

Reinaldo sees a bullet hole in the wall and finds that there is a bullet missing in the gun. When Teresa Cristina wakes up he demands an explanation.

Monday, 14 September

Teresa Cristina swears to Reinaldo that the gun went off accidentally. Gabriel and Clara find out that Leonardo is going out with Penny.

Tuesday, 15 September

Teresa Cristina hires a lawyer to get Manuel out of jail. The lawyer suggests that he might be able to get him out on probation.

Wednesday, 16 September

Manuel is out on probation. Teresa Cristina tries to convince her neighbours to refuse authorisation for Griselda’s new house purchase.

Thursday, 17 September

Griselda finally signs the purchase of her new home. She also signs the contract for the new company she is establishing with Celeste.

Friday, 18 September

Teresa Cristina sleep talks, and Ro hears her saying that she killed a man whom she calls “mafioso”. Somebody kidnaps Kike’s son.

Monday, 21 September

Griselda makes a deal with Barbara. She offers her money in exchange for waving her parental rights so that Kike will have full custody of the child.

Tuesday, 22 September

Teresa Cristina is willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of Griselda. She later finds Antonio and Patricia together at the Inn.

Wednesday, 23 September

Griselda has a panic attack when she learns that her ex-husband is alive. Reinaldo insists to Teresa Cristina that she needs to see a psychiatrist.

Thursday, 24 September

Jose returns and demands that he takes his place again as Griselda’s husband, but Griselda wants him to leave. Patricia tells Reinaldo.

Friday, 25 September

Reinaldo is upset when he hears of the engagement between Griselda and Gabriel. Griselda allows Jose to stay in her house until he recovers.

Monday, 28 September

Jose is finally released from the hospital. Gabriel asks Griselda to stay away from him. Patricia discovers that she is pregnant.

Tuesday, 29 September

When Patricia tells Antonio her pregnancy news, he asks her not to have the child. Teresa Cristina and Reinaldo to go to see a psychiatrist together.

Wednesday, 30 September

Teresa Cristina is angry when she hears about Patricia’s pregnancy. She warns her daughter that the baby will never be welcome in her house.


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