Idols SA Auditions 2017: Durban, Cape Town, Joburg & Pretoria dates revealed!


Mzansi Magic announced the audition dates and venues for the 2017 Idols SA season 13.

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The Idols SA 2017 auditions cities and dates have been made public and we’ve got your info here! You’ve always wanted to try out for Idols South Africa, and here is your chance!

City Venue Date
Cape Town Grand West Casino & Entertainment World Saturday 14 January 2017
Pretoria The State Theatre Saturday 21 January 2017
Durban The Playhouse Saturday 28 January 2017
Johannesburg Carnival City Saturday4 February 2017

So if you think you have what it takes to walk in the footsteps of great Idols winners and become South Africa’s next superstar sensation, get yourself to the above auditions early next year and you could find yourself with a one-way ticket to stardom.



  1. This is not fair, why dont you guys come to mpumalanga, we do have what it takes but due to the disadvantage of a location of your auditions, we cant manage to show you what we have…I was suggesting that at least have a city in all provinces just like X-Factor 2014 because now you are saying SA idols while we not given an equal opportunity, we are south africans but your location of audiotions doesnt cover all south africans


  3. Hi. I am a South African songwriter who would like to expose some of my songs to upcoming South African artists in the “Idols” program. Would “Idols 2017” be interested in original material?

  4. I don’t understand this primary or prior or whatever priminary auditions Idols have. I mean we were disqualified before even singing before the real judges. We spent horrible nights just to have our way in in Playhouse last year! I hate the way we were treated.

  5. Im sooo happy about idol S.A 2017 im looking forward to take a chance maybe God he will be with me through journy # im a fan

  6. i would like to know what is needed to applications . Are there any online applications please i need to know. I would love to be the for 2017 auditions .

  7. hi good people . I would like to go for 2017 auditions. I want to know what to do, Is there any online application website please if anyone knows let me know. Please send me form or address. Thank you.

  8. #asambeni kuma idols…its not about being nominated but its about being a part of South African activities…#the new faces this year…!!!

  9. Am Beckie and am Zambian I stay in South Africa and would like to participate in the idolssa season13 I believe I have what it takes to win .Do I stand a chance to participate

  10. Hi im pregnant and want to audition for idols . i know i will make it just need to know when they”ll start broadcasting live maybe its after my due date plz let me know

  11. Uh… well I believe I can sing and tap. Matter of facts I call myself an artist because I also write songs and compose them. Tried producing but… well it’s hard doing it all on your own because I got no professional background. You know what, I think I’ll be at the playhouse on the 28 which is two weeks from now. Anything else I need to know about entering this competition, other than the date of auditions???

  12. Hi everyone, i have always want to enter this competition because i know i have the passion for music and i have the voice. My only problem is the fear of the cameras please do not lough, but most of all is the fact that i do not this i can handle fame & the whole package. Any advice please…

  13. Hai I’m zama mabhida I interested to sngng but I need gud judges lyk u to tel me if I can sing coz ppl tel me dat I can BT Ned more dat.whr can I get application form.

  14. Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus The Messiah, A’m Siphelele from Germiston my dear brother’s and sister’s I would love to be a part and the parcel of this coming Idols.. Music it’s my passion music it’s my life.. Peace and joy of Heaven’s be with all

  15. Greetings

    I’m Ntuthuko from PMB big fan of IdolsSA even thou I’ve never made it but still I love idolsSA because it gives us to show what we’ve got 🙂 .
    I can’t wait for auditions I will be there even thou it’s gonna be my 6 time but not even go through always thing I will meet the judges but always fail ;( but I will never lose hope I trust God .lets hope this time I will make it

  16. Hello guys. I missed an audition in Capetown. Work was tight. Do you guy offer online auditions. Please let me know. I believe i am the next best voice of the show

  17. I am 17 years old, and i believe i have a powerful voice. i want to enter for idols but my mom is worried that it might clash with school

  18. All I would like to say
    I would like to enter the 2017 SA idols at carnival city …
    I got what it takes to enter the competition…and get the golden card/ticket !!!

  19. Hi. I would also like to know all the requirements one has to meet or documentation or if there are any fees paid in order to participate in the Idols SA season 13 please…

  20. I love idols with all my heart, and i would like to thank you guys for auditions for us,, so now its my turn to be next idol..#watch this


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