Idols SA’s Thami Shobede drops new singe ‘Sthandwa’ – Download & Lyrics!


Download to this brand new song from Thami Shobede!

The 28-year-old KZN-born singer just dropped a new track called “Sthandwa”.

Thami debuted the song on Idols SA top 2 live performance tonight (November 20) at Pretoria State Theatre, before he was revealed as the top two finalists with Noma Khumalo.

Download the song now on iTunes.

Check below to read the lyrics for the new Thami song…

Thami – Sthandwa

Written by Kgaogelo (TK) Mabelane

Verse 1

Ngik’thanda nge nhliziyo yami yonke

(I love you with all of my heart)

Ng’yo tshel’ abazali bam’

(I’m going to let the elders know)

Omuhle njengawe angimbonanga emhlabeni lo

(That I have never seen one so beautiful in all the earth)

Inkomo zika Baba zilungile

(My father’s cows are ready)

Nenhliziyo yam iduduzekile

(My heart is steadfast and made up)

Vuma sthandwa, vuma vuma si be munye

(Say yes, say yes so we can become one)

Ngizoku nik’ uthand’ olungapheliyo

(I will give you a love that never ends)


Sthandwa se nhliziyo yami, ngifuna wena wedwa, wedwa

(Lover of my Heart, I want only you, only you)


Ngzok’nikuthando, uthand’ olungapheli

(I’ll give you the kind of love that never ends)

Uthando, olubuya enhlizweni

(the kind of love that comes from my heart)

Lumi phakade, lwam uthando

(my love for you will stand forever)

Verse 2

Ngikunika inhliziyo yami yonke

(I give you all of my heart)

Ngikunika konk’ okwami

(I give you all that is mine)

Ngikunika lonk’ uthando lwam ensukwini sok’phila kwam’

(I give you all my love for the rest of my days)

Thath’ uthando lwami, awu mama wengani zam’

(receive my love, mother of my children)

Ngizinikela kuwe sthandwa sami, awu sweety lovey

(I give myself to you,..)


Ngizolumemeza, ngizolumemeza emikhawuleni womhlaba

(I will shout it out, I will shout it out to the ends of the earth)

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