‘Igazi’ drama to debut on Mzansi Magic this Sunday!


The Mzansi Magic’s new local drama ‘Igazi‘ is coming to screen near you this Sunday (April 10)!

Igazi, the traditional drama produced by Ferguson Films, is about Xhosa royal family’s conflict over its throne. As the family is at war with itself and magical forces of darkness, a man is forced into the battle for his father’s kingdom.

The series stars Nomhle Nkonyeni, Jet Novuka, Allen Booi, Peter Se-Phuma, Zandile Msutwana, Thami Mngqolo, Anga Makubalo, Charmaine Mtinta, Zikhona Sodlaka, Zenande Mfeyana, Vatiswa Ndara, Mnatha Vika and Talitha Ndima.

Be sure to tune into Igazi @ 20:00 every Sunday on Mzansi Magic.


  1. please Mzansi Magic stop playing your boring drama this Igazi is for what to whach your Devil worshipers what exacle are you promoting in this please stop or you want us stop pay DSTV

  2. Thank you…I personally love Igazi I think it’s great viewing. It’s great that production companies are creating such dramas and are showing things that are being spoken behind closed doors we all know witchcraft is a taboo in many cultures but we have to accept that such things do happen and it’s time they come to light, If we can’t talk about it then let us show it. Big ups to Ferguson Films and Mzanzi Magic …As for Bonny Mlaba you are always welcomed to change your channel if you don’t like what’s been shown on tv, I’m sure you don’t pay your tv licence for one channel alone.

  3. This only started yesterday but people already talking about it, so loving the story. I will make sure I do not miss this next time. Thank you guys.

  4. All im gona say is “english never loved us” hahahahahaha….. and oooh dstv dont worry about my monthly contributions, it will be coming through every month so long as ya’ll keep bringing these homegrown telenovelas/drama/series. Outstanding work from the Ferguson clan…. dankie lona power couple… #ALLTHINGSFERGUSON #FERGUSONARMY #SHEERBRILLIANCE #DONTWORRYABOUTMEIWILLBEWATCHING #IGAZIMUSTNOTFALL #IGAZIMUSTPLAYEVERYDAY #BONNYMLABAYOUMUSTNEVER #OKAYTOOMANYHASHTAGS #OKAYIMOUTTAHERE #STOPSTOPSTOP #HEHEHEHEHE #HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #OKAYBYE

  5. I’m luving it .we must learn and stop criticising knowledge is power .we can’t defeat an enemy if we don’t learn it’s language

  6. Wow!! Igazi… I wish everyday was a Sunday so that I can watch IGAZI. Why is it playing once a week? That is not enough. This film or drama was perfectly done and many thanks to the Fergusons Production.

  7. Igazi is so interesting. I cnt wait 4 tonight. Bt please Mr n Mrs ferguson can da drama air week days please. Good work I mst say n da cast is on fire


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