‘Igazi’ Teasers: June 2016 Episodes (Mzansi Magic)


Igazi Teasers June 2016 – Upcoming Mzansi Magic dram series ‘Igazi’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for June 2016.

So, what will happen this June on “Igazi”?

Sunday, 05 June 2016
Episode 9

Jonga faces a new contester for the kingship while Phumza and Bantu’s moment of passion in the wilderness ends dramatically.

Sunday, 12 June 2016
Episode 10

Scandal rocks the Mbangatha royal household, pushing Nomakhwezi over the edge. Babalwa threatens to leave Jonga.

Sunday, 19 June 2016
Episode 11

Jonga and Babalwa get into a huge fight. Everyone is looking for Nomakhwezi and she is nowhere to be found…

Sunday, 26 June 2016
Episode 12

Nomarussia and Jonga go on a warpath to silence Bantu and Nomzuzu for good. Boysie, Phumza and Bantu are ambushed by hyenas.

Sunday, 3 July 2016
Episode 13 (Finale)

Jonga addresses the media about the coronation and Babalwa is happy that she will finally become queen.

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Be sure to tune into Igazi @ 20:00 every Sunday on Mzansi Magic.


      • Wow what a interesting soapie I just love it it is the best. It keeps me guessing all the time. I hope it will have a happy ending after all the innocent blood have shedded may Marashiya pay. That will be the lesson we all learn that you may win a thousand times doing evil but you will pay for it all. ..

    • why is there whitchcraft yet no ghosts, Bantu’s father and nomakhwezi and mkhokheli shud haunt nomarussia and jonga then again help bantu take the throne…Nomarussia always wins, unfair play right there!

  1. i started watching it when the series opened its doors on the tv, it is roaring with suspense and speculations of what is going to happen next, at home we always come up with ideas of what might happen for example that Schoto, gqwirhakazi will never taste anything from her cunning and greedy cousin, Noma.

    the truth about this story reveals how money can worsen the situation on the other side, on a negative note. hospital specialising in bartering of poor peoples body parts.

    • Ijoo,igazi must play twice at least in a week.cast very professional,especially vatiswa ndara aka nomarrusia. I would really love to meet dat lady one day en have lunch with her.im a fan, en I love her acting skills,big up to everyone. U ROCK

      • Thank you for that comment Nandi. Igazi is the best drama at the moment but it should not play everyday and become a soapie this should be a drama with an end. Isibaya was equally good but now it’s another Generation. Soapies are really tiring dramas with an end are the best! *

  2. Igazi was amazing when it started hut now it’s just getting too much especially with this NomaRussia getting away with everything… even seem saam got Lelo to face her crimes, but Igazi seems to be getting way too far fetched. Until I knw or read that NomaRussia was brought to justice, I won’t watch n I believe South Africans shld too

  3. Hii I’m very clued to igazi since from first episode…But now their losing a plot.?????Nomarusia always winning every thing.

  4. This is a very interesting drama, but now it’s starting to be boring. Nomarussia always wins as she will kill people that is starting to be boring for real.

  5. Why Nomarussia always wins. And tired of Schotho now always wins too with her witch. Please it’s been too long now. Would love to see turn around of things

  6. i totally agree nomarussia gets away with everything even thou its quite obvious that shes behind everything bad that happens in the royal house yet everyone on her side

  7. Too Unrealistically evil (snakes being husbands, people being called by horns to commit suicide and all) and making witchcraft sacrosanct. The next week’s (2nd last) episode’s teaser speaks of hyenas and this mother and son’s power overwhelmingly taking over…..No one ever talks about their scandals, or rather, blows them out like Nomarussia does…..hayi shame kudlliwe ngathi ngu Phathu Makwarela et al, and yet he ‘d be complaining about SAFtA adjudication team and their bias….

  8. I liked it when it started,pls balance the storyline.Spice it up with reality and you will have SA hooked/glued to your screen.Get a contender for NomRussia,we all know that every royal house has it’s own Sangoma/Mulimisi.The younger brother to the late king looks like a complete joke. HIS brother died mysteriously,his brother’s daughter & his mother in hospital and he still sings Nomarussia’s praises.Please balance it is a good story line,don’t join the rest dare to be different.

    • With Ade on this one. The uncle is a joke.. Dog with no teeth and he is the man of the household. Don’t care even if there is Queen or Regent. He needs to man up..

  9. Am in love with the storyline.but why have u let Nomakhwezi to go so early when she was so important in the soapie?and it looks like nomarussia is geting away wit everything all the times.by the way how did u guys come up wit the name nomarussia? Does it really exist? Because it really suits the character serious

  10. I don’t wanna think that at the end Nomarussia will be defeated it looks so obvious because in any storyline if we have this one person always winning at the end she/he gets defeated.

  11. Guys please Nomarassia should not kill indlovukazi otherwise without her this storyline will be boring, Nomarassia should not win all the time please.

  12. Ohk I’m happy that finaly I can read the update but honestly it still doesn’t say much. Nonetheless I love the drama so much that I look forward to the next Sunday right after watching it. ??

  13. i love the story bcs thers much suspense ,bt i dnt think Nomarussia shld go nd kill all the strong ppl come on .i love her charactor cs she plys it well

  14. It wud be dumb n insulting for the writer of the story to allow it to end without revealing any common grounds between righteous n evil doers. Encouraging tht people can get away with such gruesome cruelty. Why shud all the rocks in tht kingdom die like tht??? I’m sucked up shame I dnt like watching dumb stories.

  15. I love this drama but, its boring now, they are show that evil is powerful more than anything else which is not true…I hate nomarashiya and schotho

  16. No guyz com on it ca’nt be like this why bantu and grand mthr. We nd season 2 iyabhora kanje anizam uku bhala udweshu ngokulandelan kusukela ekuqalen ize iyophela

  17. I agree with you,guys. It promotes evil it shows that people can always get away with evil doings. Let’s hope the final episode next week will make us feel better.

  18. i think the writers forgot ho they introduced bantu he could see things before they happened what happened to those powers pathetic writing.

    • They said Bantu is a lead actor, but it doesn’t show in the storyline. They want us to believe that witchcraft is more powerful than ancestors? They must go back to their scripts, what their showing is all lies. Bantu must be crowned as bangata king geez

  19. There’s nothing good that you can get in Mzantsi stories except the evil one in almost all their stories about witchcraft. If they talk about God it will be a small portion and a laughable one. Igazi was great but got tired of evil winning.

  20. I for one want to know too exactly what the writer was trying to tell us here. Its really pathetic, what an ending….. ??! Writer revisit your script error error.

  21. Why nomaracia and jonga dey always winning revisit ur scripts an rewrite dam.we want to see dam failing wit dose evil powers.so dat we cannot blv dat wichcraft has more powers dan God.as a writter you showing us dat u blv in witchcraft.

  22. They say if lions could write their own history; they’d tell a different story to the one told by hunters — or something along those lines. The truth always wins in the end. But, Igazi writers are trying to give us the impression that senseless killings of innocent patients for body parts is good; witchcraft and murder — in other words — evil is the new good/righteousness as it is clearly depicted as something that has power over righteousness. Who are the writers? What is their value system like? What exactly are they saying? What good are they contributing to a country where people –especially those living with albinism are still hunted and killed for muti purposes — the country where the elderly are accused of witchcraft and get killed as a result of those accusations — a country with a painfully crippling past? What point are the eriters making, really?

  23. When you write a story at end the truth must be revealed. Our expectation was that caprit will be revealed and arrested the innocent will sent free instend they suffered therefore there’s no use to watch this drama because it left us with trauma and that evil is stronger than the truth God and that is not truth. Therefore re-write your drama to show us motive behind this drama and mission.

  24. Sad hey. I’m sure if maybe Bantu is not dead they’ll show it for few seconds. We won’t see Bantu and Gogo celebrating after all they went through. #pisssed off. We won’t even see Nomarussia, Jonga, Scotho and Dr Rhodes getting punished. I loved igazi but the end….mxxxxxh.

  25. Akhonto yayindi offender more than ububi obuya bakhe”mbi qha ke usisi”Nomarussia is and always has been a good actress.The end left us with crippled hearts though.Why were they not caught and get punished,maybe theyr not dead but still

  26. But what does this mean though, that witchcraft is more powerful than god. How can bantu and gogo die at the end mxim

  27. WoW! Well done to the Fugersons, I have never been this intrigued ever! you know, sitting on the edge of your seat all the time. One negative though, even cant be potrayed as having this much power over and over again. It could’ve been a good battle but yesterdays episode lost it. I mean they are in the safest place, ready to fight on, couldn’t the ancestors have protected them? it doesn’t make sense

  28. Mzala uyandibona ubamhle kwam andinokwazi ukuya trongwen uyambona nawe mos ujonga akasoze alungei, mabafe mzala biza ezizinto zakho Nomarussia is a good actress qha ke said though Bantu neNdlovukazi been shot by Jonga

  29. I am really enjoying Igazi,, But yesterday’s episode, confused me at the end because I thought Bantu was going to be the King..

  30. If igazi ends like this then the drama was meaningless, how calm the power of devil takes control to everyone. Does that tell us that witchcraft is reality? If this is the end then it is confusing. I wanted to see the end of Schotho and Noma-Russia on their evil doings.

  31. I really don’t understand why this story always favor witchcraft. I think i should stop watching this I am too emotional.

    • I agree with you on this I also wanted to see Schoto and Nomarussia fail for once that would be a happy ending for me…..

  32. I hear you guys you’re upset about the end and evil prevailing.Maybe it’s about time that writers/producers who know and have experienced the raw power of God to stand up and make movies.Almost 85 percent of TV shows/dramas present evil to be the order of the day,hence from time to time you read news of teenagers involved in one form of Satanist cult.E.g.Community building programs on TV,how many times to you see them on tv?Media sells conflict,writers are taught that from school,that’s what they know and conflict sells their craft.If you write a script with no higher percentage of conflict /evil no movie house will buy it unless you have the financial muscles to finance the whole project yourself.I am on your side but it all boils down to money.

  33. I wish we could learn a thing or two from our brothers and sisters from Nigeria about movies that has evil doers in them, good must always be part of the movie and it must win. lets teach each other that sometimes one can overcome evil by Prayer only. In our movies bad always wins and no one knows the power of Prayer what are we teaching our children. If not Prayer let bad people be arrested and go to jail. An actor kills everyone on the set and the movie or drama ends, no sense at all. That is why we have to much crime and violence in our coutry. People who has an opportunity to reach the whole country use this wisely by educating the community, please.

  34. I agree, if that was the end it’s not good, i thought that someone was dreaming there , like Pumza thinking what is going to happen if he tells the Doc where Bantu is hiding. Please guys Nomarussia cannot win please.

  35. I really didnt understand last night episode,Evil cant win.How can Jonga kill Bantu and Grandmother its not right.I really liked and enjoyed Igazi but last night episode its a NO NO NO….!How can it just end like that,after all they’ve been through.They should have won the battle…!!!

  36. I really liked to watch Igazi thinking and hoping that those devils schoto nd nomarashiya will be caught, sadly nd so disappointed that they win, kanti kwenzekani, how can devil win, what actually this drama all about, please we don’t want see drama like this on our sreens

  37. I’m so disappointed the way igazi ended does this mean the producers believe the devil is smarter then God because it looks like evil won mxm,

  38. Hey this drama really is something else, corruption nd devil from start of episode till end NO NO NO….this is not on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Ferguson Films has never disapointed me.I actually knew i would love igazi because their work is always tops,and,indeed,they delivered to more than my expectations..is very nice to see SA delivering such quality.I know Rockville will also be a hit as usually..Credit must be given when is due,the Ferguson Films standards are high

  40. igazi has become one of my favourite dramas in S.A. I can’t wait for next Sunday hope bantu and makhulu live to expose nomarussia and her son at the corronation but I also its a season finale this Sunday on 3 July 2016 will the be a season 2? disappointed don’t want it to end Love this drama

  41. Pls guys we need to see more of the drama can you make it from monday to friday its a good story and motivate us as Xhosa

  42. He he why has everyone concluded the show ends poor when we havent seen the final episode? Have faith. Wow great work best one thus far!

  43. Lets dont judge …les watch dis coming episode if it ends in confusion den we shall complain….myb e mbangatha ancestors protected dem..we shal c …..nwei i luv bantu n phumza ncooh

  44. I like it but sometimes it is a frustrating and irritating because some scenes just seem to go over the top and are unrealistic (not the witchcraft bit). It also reminds me of Nigerian movies.

  45. Tjooooo I enjoyed every episode on IGAZI buh ayikwazi kuphela ubantu ngeyiyochief noPumza abengundlunkulu boyssy aphile nomarrassia mavele ezweni uba ngabantu abanjn bamnkee Jonga you can’t shot your grad mom en you flesh blood brother afta we kept silence or your ancestors are not working an more

  46. Drama Drama!!! Please no second season its going to be boring because right now the end its boring.
    First few episodes were great it kept us glued on our TV screens but this last ones its a no no no we cannot watch the starring being shot.

  47. i dont think Bantu and Ndlovukazi are dead, they cant be dead! they are leaving that part for the season2… otherwise it was a stupid story line… will have to wait and see..

  48. I don’t think they are dead, but it doesn’t really make sense to make the evil ppl win all the time… hoping the next season will be way much better coz this one was not up to standard. besides all that my hubby n I enjoyed it

  49. When is season 2 playing? Please bring it with more drama and witchcraft. I’m soo sad that it’s over. Really loved this series.

  50. Eish; liphelile iGazi. I once watched a movie called “orphen” till iGazi orphen was my best movie. IGazi was not just a drama to me but my best ever movie. My big thank you to all iGazi team!!! “Nangomso”

  51. Wow! Big ups @igazi team. Wot a turnaround! That was brilliant… Tht was great ntwanas looking forward to season 2 though. Up the #IsibayaMustFall campaign!! The finale set me up to a tee.

  52. I really enjoy watching the soapie so interesting …..was soooo happy wen Queen Mother appeared on Bantu’s ceremony and im also happy Jonga is no more but i still have a quetion thou……wat happen to the snake???? coz to me it seems as if Schoto burnt the snake and Jonga wake up with scary eyes

  53. I just loved the end. darkness will never comprehend the light!!! NEVER. lesson 4 all evil people out there 2 repent & turn 2 Jesus b4 Fire comes or else Uzowuzwa uMlilo!!!!!!! Repent


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