Indian show ‘Mela’ moves to SABC3


Indian lifestyle show ‘Mela‘ moves from SABC2 to SABC3 from February 7, 2016 at 13:30. Mela is the Indian experience will now form a weekly attraction on the lifestyle menu.

A magazine show with an eastern flavour, Mela combines all the essential elements of the genre with fashion, food, travel and entertainment, complemented by people-orientated features showcasing achievers, trend-setters, opinion-makers and rising stars.

A spirit of inclusivity, inspiration and innovation shape Mela’s content and style – and an explanation of its title offer an illuminating insight.

Mela is an ancient Sanskrit word that is still used in India today, not to mention internationally, wherever an Indian community has established itself.

The word refers to a gathering but it has come to mean a far greater range of occasions, from a village market to an international expo. Mela is also used in the Tamil language, in this case referring to the beating of a drum, often used to publicise a get-together.

Lively interaction, vibrancy and variety, exuberant entertainment and pure family fun are the hallmarks of a truly Indian Mela – and of the new addition to SABC3’s line-up.

Features are selected with a strong local focus, offering South Africans of all cultural backgrounds an opportunity to enjoy the Indian experience, be it preparing a spicy speciality, creating a contemporary ethnic look for your wardrobe, or decorating a space in your home.

To offer SABC3 audiences an appetiser of what to expect from the show, Mela will mark its debut on the Channel with a selection of recent highlights including a profile of entrepreneur extraordinaire and fashion pioneer Vanessa Gounden, a visit to the home of style icon Shashi Naidoo, and an exclusive one-on-one with Lloyd Cele, who reveals a love of Indian cooking.

Vanashree Singh shares her “give it a go” approach to building a fashion brand, while Dr Sheena Geness shares her passion for helping others – and Mela’s resident chef Yudhika Sujanani gives the barbecue a deliciously Indian twist. The host of the launch show is the vivacious Zakeeya Patel, with Mishal Mookery meeting guests on location.

Catch Mela on SABC3 at 13;30 every Sunday from February 7th.