Isibaya Happy 500th episode!


Bhekifa and ZweliBlood spills and life hangs in the balance as Isibaya marks 500 episodes

As Mzansi ‘s favourite soapie Isibaya marks 500 episodes, viewers should brace themselves for a shocking father and son showdown that will end in a pool of blood.

Rivalries and grudges are nothing new in Isibaya, but never before has it been brought to the doorstep of father and son, in this case Chief Bhekifa and Zweli.

From the day they were reunited, Zweli and his father’s relationship has been a remote and tentative one:

Whilst Bhekifa is proud that he has an heir, he is somewhat harsh in his treatment towards Zweli, as we have seen with the “warm klaps” he gives him whenever his son gets out of line.

On the other hand, Zweli has always felt the pressure to gain his father’s respect.

The turning point of this relationship comes when Bhekifa unexpectedly refuses to give his son the blessing to take over reigns as chief.

Feeling betrayed by his father, Zweli takes it upon himself to uncover all his father’s dirty secrets. He goes as far as recruiting one of his right hand men to fight on his side.

As a man of many talents who is always ready to defend his legacy, Bhekifa does not take kindly to his son’s disloyalty and a scramble breaks out between the two.

A gun goes off, blood on the floor… Has Bhekifa’s reign been brought to an end or has a father killed his only son?

Stay tuned to Mzansi Magic at 20:30, Channel 161 on Tuesday 28 to find out!