Isibaya Teasers January 2019 – What will happen on Isibaya?


‘Mzansi Magic’s popular soapie drama ‘Isibaya’ teasers, highlights and updates for January 2019. Isibaya airs on Mzansi Magic every Mondays to Fridays at 8:30PM.

So, what will happen this January 2019 on “Isibaya”?

Episode 1460: Tuesday, 01 January

Ntwenhle helps charm Dabula’s VIP guests on New Year’s day – much to Ngwebedla’s distress. The Ngwenya family’s New Year’s Day is spoiled by Jerry’s problems with the UTA Squad. Jabu and Iris spend New Year’s day together.

Episode 1461: Wednesday, 02 January

Dabula and Ntwenhle’s charm appears to have paid off, but Ngwebedla is feeling side-lined. Judas works out a way to use Jerry’s dispute with the UTA as leverage. Facing questions from each other and from other people, Iris and Jabu find themselves in denial.

Episode 1462: Thursday, 03 January

Using what happened to Jerry, Judas makes his move against Sibongile and Shadrack. While Mpiyakhe prepares to conclude his lobola proceedings, Pam confronts Iris about lying to her.

Episode 1463: Friday, 04 January

The Zungus arrive in style at the Mkhizes. Cebisile can’t help but notice Fezile. Mpiyakhe faces Sibongile’s drunk aunt. Qaphela gives the squad guys a taste of their own medicine.

Episode 1464: Monday, 07 January

Judas ramps up his plans to capture Operation Khuculula. Lillian’s pregnancy makes her feel insecure. Dabula seems to be playing Ngwebedla against the Ndlovus. Iris wants to know how Jabu really sees her.

Episode 1465: Tuesday, 08 January

Iris and the Ndlovus plot to secure Iris a place in Operation Khuculula. Saddam’s attempts to calm Lillian only make matters worse. Cebisile invites the wives to Johannesburg for a pre-wedding get-together.

Episode 1466: Wednesday, 09 January

Despite being the one who brought Dabula to Bhubesini, Ngwebedla now finds himself fighting for his place in the deal. Iris’s ambitions to be part of Operation Khuculula stall when the Zungus rally against her. Mkabayi is upset that she didn’t get an invite to Sibongile’s party.

Episode 1467: Thursday, 10 January

Beauty rubs salt in Lillian’s wounds, putting even more pressure on Saddam. Judas blindsides Sibongile and Shadrack. Phumelele feels deeply insecure about Mpiyakhe’s new wife.

Episode 1468: Friday, 11 January

Iris has won her place in Operation Khuculula, but there is a fallout from the unexpected turn-around. Dabula and the Ndlovus celebrate a surprising victory. Saddam draws a line with Lillian. Sibongile’s party gets out of control, with shocking results.

Episode 1469: Monday, 14 January

With the Ndlovus help, Dabula launches a shocking and unexpected new attack on the Zungus. Kaone makes a terrible mistake that threatens to reveal a surprising secret. Ntwenhle calls Dabula out.

Episode 1470: Tuesday, 15 January

Mpiyakhe and the Zungus are shocked when they are told about Dabula’s plans. Shadrack and Sibongile start to recognise the games that Judas is playing. Ngwebedla tries to find a way back into the Mall deal and Dabula deliberately provokes a confrontation.

Episode 1471: Wednesday, 16 January

While Mpiyakhe tries to be reasonable, Dabula refuses to budge from his plans. Iris confesses her worries. Phumelele thinks Siphokazi should come clean and Ngwebedla has had enough!

Episode 1472: Thursday, 17 January

 As Dabula tries to convince Ntwenhle that he is not the man she thinks he is, Ngwebedla’s plans for the runaway chief lead to a bloody confrontation. Before she leaves for her imminent wedding, Sibongile moves to shut Judas down.

Episode 1473: Friday, 18 January

The Zungus receive some surprising news from Sibongile’s family and Mandla sets out to even the score with Ngwebedla.

Episode 1474: Monday, 21 January

It’s the week of the wedding and Siphokazi struggles to manage an increasingly unhappy Phumelele. Dabula gets a worrying call about his mall development. Duma tries to mediate in the escalating dispute between Mpiyakhe and Dabula.

Episode 1475: Tuesday, 22 January

 As wedding arrangements continue, Phumelele gets angry when she realises Siphokazi intervened where she was not asked to. Mkabayi has a secret meeting behind enemy lines. Thembi, the developer, gives Dabula an ultimatum and Ngwebedla makes own his demands known.

Episode 1476: Wednesday, 23 January

The day before the wedding, Melusi is angry on his mother’s behalf and contemplates a terrible action. Dabula plans to deal with Ngwebedla once and for all.

Episode 1477: Thursday, 24 January

It’s the day of the wedding, but, as the families gather, Phumelele discovers the terrible thing Melusi has done in her name. Fezile and Cebisile find themselves drawn to each other, once again. Mpiyakhe’s big day is interrupted by an unexpected guest.

Episode 1478: Friday, 25 January

 As the wedding of the year continues, Phumelele tries to fix Melusi’s mistake before it is discovered. Fezile’s romantic moment is interrupted. Judas identifies Sibongile as the source of all his current troubles.

Episode 1479: Monday, 28 January

Dabula races to catch Ngwebedla before it is too late. Fezile tries to make things right after the unexpected problems at the wedding.

Episode 1480: Tuesday, 29 January

Mpiyakhe is still struggling to understand what has happened and enlists the help of his friends and family. Meanwhile, Dabula makes a shocking announcement.

Episode 1481: Wednesday, 30 January

Still without answers, Mpiyakhe and his team try to find out the truth. With a lot of suspects but no evidence, Mpiyakhe becomes increasingly worried and more and more desperate.

Episode 1482: Thursday, 31 January

While other members of his team still look for answers, Mpiyakhe is increasingly sure the Ngwenyas are the real enemy. Dabula has an unexpected change of heart that confuses and intrigues Ntwenhle.