Isidingo Teasers August 2016 Episodes


Isidingo Teasers August 2016 Episodes – Upcoming ‘SABC3’s soapie drama ‘Isidingo’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for August 2016.

So, what will happen this August on “Isidingo”?

Monday 1 August 2016
Episode: 4471

Obakeng gets in trouble with the law. Nikiwe has second thoughts about going to Mauritius after speaking to Gabriel. Lerato has had enough of Aunt Tilly.

Tuesday 2 August 2016
Episode: 4472

Things get out of hand when Obakeng refuses to be put in a cell and he ends up hurt. Gabriel uses Zukisa’s invite to the Sibeko house for his gain. Lerato struggles to deal with an angry Kamogelo.

Wednesday 3 August 2016
Episode: 4473

Nina fears for Obakeng’s life. Nikiwe spites Lincoln by going out for a date with Gabriel, but it turns awkward quickly. The Kamogelo/Obakeng situation begins to place a strain on Lerato and Sechaba.

Thursday 4 August 2016
Episode: 4474

Obakeng is in hospital and Aphiwe is beside herself with worry. Gabriel finally makes some headway with his Matlala problem. Lerato pesters Parsons about his wedding to Nandipha.

Friday 5 August 2016
Episode: 4475

Nina takes exception at the doctor’s findings about Obakeng. Lincoln and Nikiwe declare war on each other over Sibeko Gold. Lerato is fed up with Kamogelo’s behaviour and takes drastic action.

Monday 8 August 2016
Episode: 4476

Obakeng is in hospital and everyone is shaken by the incident. Gabriel is still running his zama-zama operations. Lerato and Sechaba are caught up in their wedding frenzy.

Tuesday 9 August 2016 (Women’s Day)
Episode: 4477

Charlie is shaken and offended when she is accused by a confrontational Morongwa. Influenced by Gabriel, Nikiwe decides to take decisive action against her father. Lerato’s plan to get rid of Aunt Tilly backfires.

Wednesday 10 August 2016
Episode: 4478

The backlash of the Obakeng affair starts to be felt in HD. Lincoln takes his battle with his daughter to new heights. Lerato displays signs of pregnancy.

 Thursday 11 August 2016
Episode: 4479

There’s mass uproar about Yvette’s tweets.  Gabriel hires people to pose as beneficiaries of the Anti Zama-Zama campaign. Kamogelo works hard at trying to lure customers to Lerato’s beauty shop.

Friday 12 August 2016
Episode: 4480

Eddie’s house gets defaced when someone spray paints contravening graffiti on their wall. The rift between Nikiwe and Skhumbuzo widens. Business picks up at Lerato’s salon when an unexpected customer comes in to have her nails done.

Monday 15 August 2016
Episode: 4481

Georgie wants Obakeng to join the family business but Nina feels differently. Gabriel humiliates Matlala in front of his men. Charlie comes to the salon and it’s awkward.

Tuesday 16 August 2016
Episode: 4482

Eddie confronts Nina about the graffiti on his wall. Gabriel disappoints Morongwa when he demotes her. Lerato wants to decide on the budget and the date of the wedding.

Wednesday 17 August 2016
Episode: 4483

Kamogelo decides to lie in Eddie’s hearing to protect Obakeng. Morongwa’s life is threatened underground. Lerato and Sechaba haggle over the budget of their wedding.

Thursday 18 August 2016
Episode: 4484

The evidence for Eddie to get a fair trial is in the wrong hands. Nikiwe tells Skhumbuzo they should separate for the time being. Lerato demands her lobola money but her family has plans for it.

Friday 19 August 2016
Episode: 4485

Simmering racial tension comes to the boil in HD. Lerato is particularly irritable and takes shots at Kamogelo. Nikiwe feels guilty about lying to S’khu.

Monday 22 August 2016
Episode: 4486

The ill-fated braai in the park sparks more intolerance in Horizon Deep. Lerato’s health takes a turn for the worst unbeknown to Sechaba. Nikiwe hides her burgeoning feelings for Gabriel away from S’khu.

Tuesday 23 August 2016
Episode: 4887

Obakeng and Calvin have a furious confrontation. Lerato keeps her concerns about her health to herself. S’khu is baffled by Nikiwe’s new lease on life.

Wednesday 24 August 2016
Episode: 4488

Sechaba struggles to get a stubborn Lerato to go and see a doctor. Events from the braai cause further intolerance on the Deep. Nikiwe’s guilt makes her lash out at S’khumbuzo.

Thursday 25 August 2016
Episode: 4489

Sechaba takes action to galvanize and get the community to come together and discuss the intolerance issue. Aphiwe has become a problem between Obakeng and Calvin, but is it about her or their manly egos? S’khumbuzo makes an effort to please Nikiwe.

Friday 26 August 2016
Episode: 4490

Nina crashes the community meeting and confronts Eddie. Lerato gets devastating news from Dr Beth. Gabriel continues to pursue Nikiwe.

Monday 29 August 2016
Episode: 4491

Calvin is freaked out by the fact that he has unknown enemies. Beth and Charlie are on Eddie’s side. Gabriel and Nikiwe continue spending time together, but what’s really happening between them?

Tuesday 30 August 2016
Episode: 4492

Majola is on a mission to take down the Zamdelas. Sechaba insists on hearing what Beth told Lerato. Gabriel knows how to get what he wants from Nikiwe.

Wednesday 31 August 2016
Episode: 4493

Obakeng scares Aphiwe when he becomes physically aggressive with her about Calvin. Eddie has to decide whether to trust Majola with sensitive information. Nikiwe struggles to reconcile her feelings for Gabriel and S’khu.

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