Isidingo Teasers: January 2016

Soapie Teasers for Isidingo: January 2016


Isidingo Teasers: January 2016 – The upcoming episodes for Isidingo will features Zukisa, Lerato, Sam, Sechaba, Nikiwe, Katlego, Sizwe, Nina, Barker, Angie and other popular characters. Read the below Isidingo Teasers for January 2016…

Friday 1 January 2016 New Year’s Day
Episode: 4327

Nikiwe prepares to play dirty to defend the company from a predatory Barker. Lerato hits the roof when she finds out what Sechaba paid for her engagement ring. Angie finds an unlikely ally in Sam.


Monday 4 January 2016
Episode: 4328

Nikiwe ropes in Katlego to help make sure Nina is cast aside as the devil that she is. Barker will soon realise that his alliance with Nina is built on shaky grounds. After a surprise engagement on Christmas day, Sechaba and Lerato are faced with the reality of debt.

Tuesday 5 January 2016
Episode: 4329

Nina finds herself an enemy to Barker, for something she did not do. Sechaba can’t bring himself to accept that he is living beyond his means. Angelique feels undervalued by Jean-Marc and wonders what his secret is.

Wednesday 6 January 2016
Episode: 4330
Nikiwe’s attempt at framing Nina threatens to blow up in her face. Lerato and Sechaba learn to pull together in rough financial times. Angie and Jean-Marc struggle to rekindle their flame.

Thursday 7 January 2016
Episode: 4331

Samantha feels enormous pressure from all angles. Sechaba gets a call, pushing him out of the frying pan and into the fire. Angelique is thrown by Jean-Marc’s mixed signals.

Friday 8 January 2016
Episode: 4332

Samantha, feeling the pressure, reveals her source to Skhu. Lerato wants to sacrifice her ring for the greater welfare of the family but Sechaba says no. Jean-Marc exorcises his demons and shares a deep secret with Angie.

Monday 11 January 2016
Episode: 4333

Nikiwe is beginning to regret putting family before love. Financial troubles lead Lerato to taking radical action. Angelique begins to delve into organized crime.

Tuesday 12 January 2015
Episode: 4334

Barker refuses to accept failure and swears vengeance against Lincoln. Sechaba accepts a loan from Georgie. Angelique’s involvement in the illegal cigarette trade sees her skirting the underworld.

Wednesday 13 January 2016
Episode: 4335

Samantha is becoming increasingly dangerous so Barker offers her a more tempting target. Sechaba thinks he’s finally solved his money problems, but then Lerato takes a hand. Sizwe warns Angelique she’s in danger, but she’s got a cause now and won’t stop.

Thursday 14 January 2016
Episode: 4336

Katlego steps up to the plate as the mud-slinging between the Sibekos and the Haines’ reaches fever pitch. Sechaba and Lerato, in damage control, make the best of a bad situation. Bradley and Samantha pretend they’ve moved on from each other.

Friday 15 January 2015
Episode: 4337

Rajesh and Barker use Sam and Hardline to fix HI’s damaged image. Lerato realizes she’s adopting Sechaba’s more selfish side. Sam and Brad continue to deny their feelings for each other.

Monday 18 January 2016
Episode: 4338

A nasty twist of fate shocks Angelique to the core. Lerato and Sechaba receive an unexpected threat. Bradley’s mouth lands him in hot water.

Tuesday 19 January 2016
Episode: 4339

Angie takes the gloves off and goes after Nina. Lerato’s family demands that Sechaba pay lobola. Sam becomes jealous when she sees Brad with a hot date.

Wednesday 20 January, 2016
Episode: 4340

A death threat from Barker makes Angie realise she’s onto something big. Lerato and Sechaba learn that her family wants her to move out of the Matabane house. Samantha is more riled up than she’s letting on about Bradley being with a beautiful lady.

Thursday 21 January 2016

Episode: 4341

Angelique keeps the pressure on Nina, who is starting to crack. Lerato is ready to move out if her family want her to, but Sechaba has a plan to stop her. Brad feels things are different this time round with Samantha and wants them to stay together.

Friday 22 January 2016
Episode: 4342

Nina bares her teeth as the investigation closes in. Sechaba decides to journey to see Lerato’s family, solo. Sam confesses her desire for Brad but is it all too late?

Monday 25 January 2016
Episode: 4343

Angelique ruffles Nina’s feathers a little too hard. Sechaba gets vital pointers for his trip to meet Lerato’s family. Barker turns up the heat on Bradley’s romantic life.

Tuesday 26 January 2016
Episode: 4344

Nina seemingly out of control makes dangerous threats towards Angelique and Barker. Sechaba and his trusted companion Skhu hit the road on a journey to appease Lerato’s family. Brad’s frustration mounts as Barker pressures him to cut ties with Sam and focus on Tiffany for the sake of empire.

Wednesday 27 January 2016
Episode: 4345

Angelique’s attempts to crack the cigarette syndicate puts her in danger’s way. Feeling unfulfilled, Aphiwe considers leaving the Salon. Bradley’s date with Tiffany is thrown off balance by an envious Samantha.

Thursday 28 January 2016
Episode: 4346

Eddie is on Nina’s tail and Nina doesn’t seem to know what to do. Lerato is on tenterhooks, worried about what Sechaba is learning about her from her family. With Tiffany in the picture, Samantha makes sure Bradley sees only her.

Friday 29 January 2016
Episode: 4347

Nina is persuaded to humble herself to Barker and ask for help. Lerato and Sechaba fight over her sister wanting to visit. Samantha makes sure Bradley loses focus on Tiffany.

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