John Vlismas joins Comedy Central’s ‘Roast Battle’ as new host!


John Vlismas has been named the host of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle!

The 43-year-old outspoken comic, comedy producer and “Roast” veteran will host the hot new comedy format in which comics battle to the death in a series of quick-fire comedic combats.  

The show will begin airing in June 16, 2016 on Comedy Central.

He will be joined by comedians which include Dusty Rich, Nina Hastie, Dillan Oliphant and Ngcoba Ngcobo at the first outing of Roast Battle.

The show’s first contestants are Chris Forrest and Mo Mothebe, and guest judge is Kenny Kunene.

“Nothing shows love in the comedy world like one performer tearing another performer’s heart out through their back passage, and beating it to death like a baby seal on a Namibian beach. And then we’ll get the comics to hug it out and score them, so one is not only mortally wounded but officially a loser as well” said John in a statement.