Karabo Moroka loves two men ‘Tau & Zola’


Generations The Legacy’s veteran actress, Karabo Moroka, has finally set the record straight to her long time loving and caring husband, Tau Mogale.

Karabo has told Tau that she loves both him (Tau) and her nyatsi (Zola).
The Big Question now is, since Tau knows the truth, will he let Karabo leave him for Zola? It seems like Tau is not ready to accept that Karabo loves Zola. But at least, she has been honest enough to tell Tau that she was the one who went to Zola after their long like separation, which made Tau to believe that he was the only sweetheart in the mind of Karabo.
What must happen now? This is indeed Do or Die for Tau or Karabo, it is either you are in or you are out?

If polyandry was permissible, then it was not gonna be a problem because Karabo could still marry Zola, since this nyatsi has since proposed marriage to Karabo.

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