Karabo Moroka wants a second husband


Generations The Legacy’s Karabo Moroka continues to ask for impossible demands.

On last night episode, the beautiful Karabo called a family meeting to break the news of her intention. However, the family and her current spouse, Tau Mogale, and her intended second spouse, Zola Radebe, were shocked to her the breaking news.

As Tau thought the meeting was about the finalization of their divorce, Karabo made it clear that she was not divorcing him, but she wanted to take another husband.

According to Karabo, the second marriage was to be done in a customary way, since customary law permits polygamy.

Although this is a story; however, in brief; the customary law that she intends to rely on, has not in any way provided that a woman can marry two husbands.

The Recognition of Customary Marriages Act provides that a man who wants to take a second wife must get consent from the first wife, amongst other procedures that has to be followed before the second marriage could be recognized.

So one may argue that Karabo stands no chance to succeed in her intended second marriage.Even before the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act was enacted, a woman was never allowed to marry two husbands.

It must also be indicated that the Section 9 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, she also wants to rely on, is not absolute. Bill of Rights may be limited in terms of Section 36 of the Constitution.

However, Karabo has rights in terms of Section 38 of the Constitution to approach a court of law to have her matter resolved.

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