Kevin Hart and Anthony Joshua join Top Gear for Star in a Rallycross Car


Chris Evans was joined by US actor, comedian and writer Kevin Hart and Anthony Joshua the British Olympic Superheavyweight Champion and IBF Heavyweight World Champion for the Star in a Rallycross Car in this week’s Top Gear.

The guest’s competitive spirits came to the fore with Hart describing his performance on the famous Top Gear track: “Ate that track up, yeah that’s what I did! I made the track my b****” which had to be bleeped for television broadcast.

Joshua, who defends his World Champion title on the 25th of June described his single minded focus in the ring: “It’s a gladiator sport…It’s kill or be killed and I’d rather that be him than me.”

But during the interview he also revealed his softer side and that he’s a mummy’s boy at heart. Asked to present his favourite car he showed a Range Rover Sport.

Coming up against Hart’s immaculately restored Pontiac GTO 1966 Chris Evans asked rather incredulously why Joshua had chosen this car: “Well, it’s the car that I bought for my mum.”

Drawing a huge ‘AHHHH’ from the audience the heavyweight champion went on to describe how he had arranged for the car to be delivered to his mum the day before he fought for the British title. “She was crying, she was over the moon. And that’s why this is my favourite car.”

Talking about their first ever cars Hart revealed that his was a gift from his brother: “My first car, my mum couldn’t afford to get me a car. This was when my Dad wasn’t really in my life as much as he should have been. So my brother, he went and mustered up some money and bought me the car. At the time, it wasn’t new it didn’t start all the time but you know, it was my baby. It was my first car.”

He has since returned the favour: “I’ve gotten my brother some cars to date, but nothing is ever going to surpass what he did for me.”

Be sure to tune into Top Gear @ 8pm tonight (June 15) on BBC Brit, DStv channel 120.


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