‘King of Hearts 2’ Premieres Tonight – See the Full Cast List!


Are you ready for tonight’s highly-anticipated premiere of King of Hearts season 2?!

King of hearts has always focused on the love story of Sid (Ravi Dubey) and Roshni (Nia Sharma).  The new season picks up a whopping 20 years later a.k.a. two decades after the tragic deaths of Roshni and Siddharth.

What to expect from King of hearts 2

… Gangu raised Karan as her own, as a replacement to Satya. She even called him Satya in a cray response to grief. Satya/Karan has been raised by Gangu and Neil and Ria are still in the picture – but dead too.

Flashback to Roshni and Neil’s doomed relationship! Ria’s villainous sister Payal plotted and Neil ended up having a child with Ria called Mahi, who’s all grown up too, raised by Payal after Ria and Neil’s deaths.

King of Hearts 2 premieres TONIGHT, May 14 @ 9pm on Zee World.

Check below to see the full King of Hearts 2 cast list…

Ravi Dubey as Siddharth Khurana
Nia Sharma as Roshni Siddharth Khurana
Shiny Doshi as Mahi
Achint Kaur as Durga Devi Patel
Mouli Ganguly as Payal
Asawari Joshi as Gangu Tai
Sanjay Swaraj as Raj Khurana
Shruti Ulfat as Simran Raj Khurana
Darpan Srivastava as Kesar Patel
Shagun Ajmani as Shabnam Patel
Sumit Verma as Bunty Khanna
Sunny Arora as Ranjit Sengupta
Indraneil Sengupta as Neil Sengupta
Sonal Minocha as Ria Neil Sengupta
Alisha Panwar as Anya Sengupta