Kylie Minogue, Simon Pegg and Michael McIntyre on the next Graham Norton Show


graham1In the next episode of The Graham Norton Show, which airs on Tuesday, 26 May at 21:40 on BBC Entertainment, channel 120 on DStv, Norton welcomes pop icon Kylie Minogue, Mission Impossible star Simon Pegg, top comedian Michael McIntyre and singer-song writer Brandon Flowers.

Minogue, talking about the 30th anniversary of Neighbours, and asked whether she was tempted to appear in the show again, says, “I didn’t want to do it. I felt Charlene existed then and that I’d probably let her down.”

Talking about her distinctive name, she says, “If I’d known I would ever be famous I wouldn’t have chosen that name ever,” adding, “There was a period when people named their babies Kylie-Charlene.”

Asked about touring, she says, “I love it but, I realise that when I’m not on tour I’ll see a vision of it and think, ‘That looks exhausting, I don’t know how I ever do it,’ but when I’m on tour I don’t know how I don’t do it, because I love it so much.”

Revealing she loved appearing in the new movie San Andreas, “She says, “I have a tiny cameo role. It was fun because I don’t get the chance to do things like that usually. It was very exciting.”

Chatting about the distinctive choreography for Can’t Get You Out of My Head, Kylie gives Norton, Pegg and McIntyre a lesson in robotic dancing.

Talking about her diminutive stature, she says, “I can pack in a suitcase three times as many outfits including shoes than regular sized people.” Revealing that she has donated most of her stage costumes to a museum in Australia, she says, “They have the hot pants, the showgirl costumes and Charlene’s overalls,” laughingly adding, “And you can’t touch them without white gloves – the gold hot pants got pretty worn away – they worked very hard in that video.”

Pegg reveals that his family helped him with his Scottish accent for ‘Scotty’ in Star Trek, “My wife was my dialect coach but my father-in-law wanted me to get a lot of Scottish phrases in so gave me a book called The Patter, basically a Scottish translation book with lots of weird words and I was trying to filter them in. JJ (Abrams) took me aside one day and said, ‘Simon, people have got to understand you.’”

Talking about co-writing Star Trek Beyond he jokes, “It’s hard because the temptation is to big up your own part but it would look really obvious if the film was all me.”

And on working with Tom Cruise in the fifth Mission Impossible movie, he says, “He is obsessive about giving the audience a genuine experience. He did a stunt in the movie where he was on the side of an A400 aeroplane when it took off, he had to wear special lenses so his eyes weren’t blown out and he did it – it was incredible and mind blowing. Watching it I thought ‘He could die and I’m about to watch Tom Cruise splat on the runway.’”

Revealing how Cruise liked to play pranks on set, Pegg says, “We spent five days in a car haring around Casablanca which was very exciting but very boring in between takes. It was very hot but I got really hot, a little too hot, and I realised after about three days that Tom had been turning my seat heater on when I wasn’t looking. He kept doing it and kept getting me electrolytes and hydrating me – it was like Seven, he was keeping me alive while torturing me.”

McIntyre, showing off his new svelte look, says he was shamed into slimming, “I’ve had lots of clues over the years that perhaps I should lose weight, but something happened in December which finally made me want to do it. My son has an app called Akinator the Genie that guesses the famous people you’re thinking of by asking questions, so for egotistical reasons I thought while my son was at school I’d see if I was on it.

“It started asking questions like, ‘Is it a man?’ and ‘Is he American?’ and it narrowed it down to a British comedian with dark hair and I’m getting a little excited wondering if it’s me in the game and then it asks, ‘Is he slightly over weight?’ so I had a moment of truth, took a deep breath and put in ‘yes’ and it said, ‘is it Michael McIntyre?’ so I haven’t eaten since then.”

Revealing his wife is happier now he is thinner he says, “I was very unfit and kept hurting myself. I actually pulled a muscle in my back reaching for food in the fridge and I finished the food before calling her for help.”

Flowers performs I Can Change live in the studio before joining Norton for a chat.

And finally, Norton pulls the lever on more foolhardy audience members brave enough to sit in the Red Chair.

This episode of The Graham Norton Show airs on Tuesday, 26 May at 21:40 on BBC Entertainment, channel 120 on DStv.