‘Lies of the Heart’ (Zee World) Teasers (8-12 Jan 2018): Mukti meets Urmi secretly and he tells her who Radha is


LIES OF THE HEART (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 8 January 2018 through; 12 January 2018 teases that Ishan manages to transfer the phone recordings from Saroj’s phone. Samrat weasel’s his way out of the situation in court once again. Urmi and Anu pay Samrat a little visit and they make sure it’s a visit he won’t soon forget.

Urmi and Ishan manage to make complete fools out Samrat and Niranjan in court. Ishan tells Urmi that, the only way to win Shaurya’s custody is to show Samrat’s true nature. Somehow Niranjan saves Samrat from being trapped.

Samrat plays a dirty underhanded trick by threatening Shaurya to lie in court. Shashi goes behind Samrat’s back and sells the mansion. Shashi sees Radha has a wedding chain on.

Mukti meets Urmi secretly and he tells her who Radha is. Samrat manipulates Radha into thinking that Urmi is a bad person. Radha goes to confront Urmi and as a result Urmi and Ishan now have something huge against Samrat. What could it be?

Ishan goes in undercover to try get more information on Radha and Samrat’s relationship. Mukti tells Urmi and Ishan about the CCTV cameras all over the house. Kanchan finds out about Radha’s feelings for Samrat.

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