Lihle Msimang & Thapelo Hlophe to host Nickelodeon’s Genius


Lihle Msimang has been named the host of the Nickelodeon’s fun TV quiz, Nickelodeon’s Genius alongside Thapelo Hlophe.

Posing testing puzzles and problems in science and maths for kids aged 9-13 from all over the country, Nickelodeon’s Genius II aims to find SA’s smartest kids while demonstrating what fun learning about these vital subjects can be!

“It’s been an truly eye opening experience to work with the Nickelodeon’s Genius contestants and to catch their enthusiasm for maths and science!  While they weren’t my best subjects at school, it was inspiring to see the knowledge, hard work and enthusiasm of all our contestants.  We are all good at different things – we just need to know what they are! In the words of Einstein: ‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid” Lihle said in a statement.

Thapelo added, “It’s been a huge privilege in my first presenting job to work with the future doctors and scientists of our nation, and to see such young kids compete in one of the toughest competitions, mentally.  They have constantly surprised me with their intelligence and understanding, and the teamwork they demonstrate and the encouragement that they give to one another has been a joy to witness. In my view, each and every kid is a genius and I’m proud of every single one of them and it’s been an unforgettable experience working with them.

The show kicks off exclusively on NickToons (DStv 308) every Friday from 17 February at 15:00.