It’s a lion’s life on Animal Planet this February


Lioness pulling on rope and latch of puzzle box with pawFebruary is Lion Season on Animal Planet featuring two South African shows with lion experts Kevin Richardson and Andi Rive.

This month Animal Planet (DStv 183) celebrates one of the most majestic predators on the planet in Lion Season featuring two premieres filmed right here in South Africa.

The Lion Queen

In the brand new series The Lion Queen, we follow Andi Rive and her mission to save the Glengariff Lion Reserve. When Andi first visited the farm she fell in love with its majestic inhabitants. She abandoned her old city life, devoting herself to tending a pride of lions while raising awareness about a species facing extinction.

Aided by fellow lion lover Kathy Murrell and a couple of farm hands, The Lion Queen is an intimate account of a group of women whose passion for wildlife has led them to take on a monumental responsibility.

Lions face extinction in the wild due to loss of habitat and a decline in genetic diversity. South Africa’s ‘canned hunting industry’, where lions are farmed for wealthy tourists to kill, is adding to the genetic meltdown. Glengariff offers sanctuary from the hunters but for how long? Bills are mounting up and the reserve is fighting off sale attempts. Can Glengarriff survive? Don’t miss this moving series premiering on Monday, 16 February from 20:10 and continuing every night until Saturday, 21 February.

Killer IQ: Lion Vs Hyena

The lion – aka the ‘King of the Beasts’ – is revered worldwide for its strength and beauty. However the pack behaviour and plight of this glorious species is relatively unknown. In Killer IQ: Lion Vs Hyena ‘lion whisperer’ Kevin Richardson and a team of experts will examine the behaviour of lions and hyenas as they tackle tailored challenges such as puzzle boxes, rope pulling and mirror mazes. Will they share their new knowledge with animals from their own group and who will prove to be the smarter species? Find out on Sunday, 22 February from 21:05.

Don’t miss all the captivating content when Lion Season premieres on Animal Planet (DStv 183) from 16 February.

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