Lots to look forward to on Discovery Channel this July


discovery_channel_logoHistoric rivers, classic cars, engineering genius and big swinging swords; if it’s unusual, bold or risky, it’s on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) this July.

Don’t miss explorer, Levison Woods, as he sets out on a nine-month walk along the length of the River Nile in the new season of Walking The Nile, premiering on Tuesday, 7 June at 21:00. Watch as Levison visits rainforests, warzones and encounters wildlife as they dodge animal attacks all leading up to a hero’s welcome in Kampala.

Behind every iconic structure, is a group of historic trailblazers who pioneered new building techniques, took risks with untested materials and revolutionized their field. The new series, Impossible Engineering pays tribute to their achievements with each episode detailing how record beating buildings, warships and spacecraft are constructed and how they function. Premiering on Sunday, 19 July at 22:00, the series showcases interviews with advocates who bring engineering history to life, explaining how these incredible accomplishments shaped the modern world we know today.

Later on in the month we meet Mike Craughwell and his team on Big Giant Swords, which starts on Thursday, 23 July at 20:00. Known for making giant steel swords, these off-kilter personalities forge gigantic custom steel weaponry and destroy anything and everything in sight. Catch a weapon test gone horribly wrong in the season premiere as Mike sets a blade on fire and accidently ignites himself in the process.