‘Love Happens’ (Zee World) Teasers (8-12 Jan 2018): The marriage of Raghu and Aanya is still under attack by GD & Kishan, what will they resort to now?


LOVE HAPPENS (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 8 January 2018 through; 12 January 2018 teases that while still looking for the thief the village once again gathers together to help Raghu. Aanya makes an incredible discovery about Rumpyari that Raghu had missed the entire time. Will Rumpyari be the one to save the day again?

The marriage between Aanya and Raghu is fixed. Rangeela has a conversation with Raghu about marriage that makes him very worried. Meanwhile, Isha creates a misunderstanding between Raghu and Aanya that leads to a serious fight .

It’s the engagement day but disagreements between the families just never seem to end. Aanya is left feeling trapped and Raghu doesn’t make matters better at the engagement which causes another fight. Is this the beginning of the end?

Aanya and Raghu become separated for a week, will they obey Grandmothers wishes or will they give in? Kishan invites some friends from the city to his house but they end up only humiliating the villagers, those being Janki and Grandmother.

The marriage of Raghu and Aanya is still under attack by GD and Kishan, what will they resort to now? Raghu is intent on making a comfortable home for Aanya but something bad happens along the way that causes a heavy upset in the village.

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