‘Love Oh Love’ Teasers (13-17 November 2017): Raj plans to propose to Avni with the help of Arpita


Love Oh Love (ZEE World) teasers and updates for the week of 13 November 2017 through; 17 November 2017 teases that Avni and Suket meet Raj’s father. Akshay threatens to divorce Arpita.

Vikram refuses to perform one of the rituals with Bhavna. Raj’s uncle, Virat comes from overseas and it turns out, he was also part of the dreadful night Bhavna fears so much. Virat vows to make Bhavna pay for her past deeds. Virat continues to play mind games with Bhavna and as a result, Anjali finds out who Bhavna really is.

Raj plans to properly propose to Avni with the help of Arpita. Bhavna realizes that the only person that can help her is Raj. Raj stuns everyone when he calls off the wedding but refuses to give the real reason he called off the wedding, what could the reason be?

Avni appears and her final bid snatches the property away from the Purohits. Arpita befriends an unknown person online.

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