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Magical Mayhem – Thursdays at 20.00

Studio Universal’s Thursday evening films may be comedy or drama, but they’re always films families can sit down and enjoy together. Premiering this month is Adam Sandler’s comedy Click (March 5th). Sandler stars as Michael, a workaholic architect struggling to juggle the demands of a career and his family life. Sent out on a domestic errand, Michael finds Morty (Christopher Walken), who has just the tool for the job: a remote control that can fast-forward and rewind everyday life! Also featuring is Ella Enchanted (March 12th), about a girl (Anne Hathaway) who’s been cast under a spell of constant obedience. When her mother dies, Ella must live with her unloving father and his new family – and must keep her dangerous secret under wraps. Fluke (March 19th) stars Matthew Modine as workaholic Thomas, a man who has achieved professional success at the expense of his family. But when things go belly-up and he dies in a car crash, Thomas returns as a dog and realises the importance of a happy home.

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