Mashabela Galane to host Comedy show on indigenous food


On the 24 September, while the South Africa will be celebrating Heritage Day; one of Mzansi’s funniest men “Mashabela Galane” will be organizing a comedy show.

The show this time will be very unique and more funny; as indigenous food will be on the menu for jokes fanatics.

He is expected to make fun of various indigenous food that are eaten by almost all the tribes in the country.

Some of popular indigenous food that may not avoid mockery include; Mopani Worms “Masotja” which is predominantely eaten in Limpopo and Phuthu which is eaten in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces.

However, his fans are expecting him to conduct an exceptional research to come out with many more fun indigenous food.

Below are some of the indigenous food eaten in South Africa