Maxisky Media sets to hold auditions for new film ‘7 Women 1 Man (Part 2)’


Maxisky Media will hold auditions for  its new film 7 Women 1 Man (Part 2) and calling hundreds of young talented actors and actresses to enter. The film company sets to hold auditions at SABC Auditorium in Polokwane, Limpopo.

So, you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of 7 Women 1 Man (Part 2)?


Manny (Lead)
A 43 yrs old, the poligamist, a man with 7 wives, not too rich but could afford and a hard worker,a family orientate man.

38 yrs old, Manny’s first wife, a teacher by profession.

25 yr old, Manny’s fourth wife, a professional nurse.

She is also the poligamist’s wife and she is a hawker. She believes that if you want things to happen you must do them yourself. She is 32 yrs old. She’s the second wife.

26 yrs old, also Manny’s sixth wife, a professional nurse too.

28 yrs old, Manny’s fifth wife, a former model and an active politician.

22 yrs old, Manny’s youngest wife, a fashion designer. She’s the seventh wife.

32 yrs old man, Manny’s surviving brother; he is a pastor and does not believe in polygamy, very talkative and defensive.

MaRose (Lead)
33 yrs old, the shebeen queen, a great community gossiper, very friendly to everyone.

24 yrs old guy, always drunk but believes in God, Sina ‘s best friend. A hard worker.

29 yrs old, she works as a domestic worker for Manny ‘ s whole family.

35 yrs old, third wife, a self-employed woman, owning a Salon .

The audition dates and venue are as follows:
Date: Saturday, 25 February 2017
Time: 09:00am
Venue: SABC Auditorium in Polokwane Limpopo