Meet the Cast and Characters of etv’s ‘Heist’!


Get to know the stars behind etv’s Heist with casts and characters profiles including pictures.

etv Heist is created by Branded Soul and stars Jerry Mofokeng, Warren Masemola, Meshack Mavuso, Phumeza Mdabe, Sayitsheni Mdaki, Wright Ngubeni, Solomon Twalo , Jody Abrahams, Kenneth Nkosi and Mbali Ka Ngwenya.

The story-line was inspired by the heist that hit the Justin Bieber concert during his 2013 tour of South Africa at Johannesburg’s Soccer City stadium.

Get to know them and their characters by reading the below!

Be sure to tune into Heist @ 21:30 on Tuesday from February 09th, on etv!


heist-jerryTalent has discovered some of South Africa’s biggest talents across the board: soccer, chess, music, academia etc. In his world there are two kinds of people: those with talent and those without, which makes him a flawed character because he doesn’t acknowledge that there’s more to people than that.

On the surface he is a cool, respected guy. However he is also callous, opinionated and “always right”. This has cost him his family. His wife and son left him because he was so difficult to live with. His son, in particular, hates him because he’s never been a “dad” to him, but a coach. Now he lives alone and he’s lonely.

Jerry Mofokeng was born in April 17th1956. He is a South African legendary actor who has appeared in a number of critically-acclaimed films such as Cry, The Beloved Country; Mandela And De Klerk; and the 2005 Academy Award-winning film Tsotsi.


heist-sayiMark is the kid who grew up in the township doing all the right things but who never wins. He’s been to  “Model C” schools but has always felt embarrassed by how little his family has in comparison with his school mates.

His mother has rammed it into his head that if he worked hard and applied himself, he could be whatever he wants to be. He did well in Matric, but after all the hard work, his mom couldn’t afford to send him to university.

Over the years he’s lost his crushes to “better” guys with money. He is in love with the girl next door and feels inadequate because he lacks the money to impress her.

Sayitsheni Mdaki is a South African actor best known for his guest role on etv soapie drama Rhythm City as Speshil.


heist-wright20-something 5 Bob grew up in a township and is known for always asking for “5 bob”. He is charismatic and is a consummate fan of everything and everyone. He knows everyone and everyone knows him.

He’s a street hustler who understands the economics of the street. He can be a nuisance at times but he also has redeeming traits about him. He understands people and can be in the company of anyone and make them feel like he “gets them”.

Wright Ngubeni was born on  July 20th, 1988. Wright Ngubeni is a South African actor and television personality best known as the host of the Mzansi Magic reality series Love Back.


heist-solomonFlash is the get-away driver with mad driving skills. He’s been known as the “Houdini of the township” because no one could ever catch him and he has the ability to escape the inescapable. He comes out of jail a born-again Christian seeking redemption for the death of his childhood friend Kgosi who was shot during a heist that he (Flash) organised.

Solomon Twalo is a South African actor.



heist-mbaliMerci is a con artist who can break codes and morph into different characters. She’s street smart and has the resilience that makes her a force to be reckoned with. Most of all, she’s enterprising – no situation is too big for her to handle.

She has the “middle child syndrome” and goes out of her way to get attention. She doesn’t really have a home. Everywhere she lays her head, that’s her home.

Mbali Ka Ngwenya is a South African actress.

MESHACK MAVUSO plays Chairperson

heist-meshackChairperson is the police commander who’s on a mission to be the man of every moment. Following the fatal incident of the police dragging a foreign national with a taxi, he’s desperate for a PR trump card. He will not rest until he has put the “perpetrators of the crime” behind bars.

Meshack Mavuso was born in April 08th, 1977. He is a South African actor best known for his starring television roles as Javas in Yizo Yizo (1999-2004) and as Vusi Moletsane on the SABC3 soapie drama Isidingo.

KENNETH NKOSI plays Gorgeous Stash

heist-kennethStash is rich, flamboyant, superficial and unapologetic. He feels that since the media launched Kenny Kunene, he would take to social media for domination and he’s winning.

He wants to be respected and considered a role model so he is constantly on a PR mission to keep relevant in the no.1 spot. Everyone questions how he got rich – there’s speculation that he killed his wife and inherited her money. He lacks street cred and is desperate for validation. Everyone wants his money but everyone despises him.

Kenneth Nkosi is a South African actor who had roles on movies such as Fela’s TV, Tsotsi, Jerusalema, Mafrika, White Wedding and the international box office hit District 9. He was the presenter of Mzansi Magic and Mzansi Wethu game show Wang Verstana.


heist-warrenCosatu is disillusioned and disgruntled because he missed the gravy-train. All he wants is his slice of the pie… sooner rather than later. He will never say what he wants, but will negotiate for money in the worst of circumstances. He is part of the “street committee”… a vigilante group that is set on making everyone tow-the-line.

Warren Masemola was born on May 18th, 1983 in Ga-Rankuwa, Gauteng, South Africa. He is a South African actor and voice artist best known for his role as art director Lentswe Mokethi on the soapie Scandal!, in 2008 and Mpho on Mzansi Magic’s Saints and Sinners.


heist-jodyIrvin is a cut-throat business man with a shady past. Everyone knows that his rise to prominence involved illegal dealings and a trail of bloodshed. He is more feared than respected and will not hesitate to “eliminate any obstacle in his way”.

Jody Abrahams was born on 1974 in Cape Town, Western Cape. He is a South African actor best known for his award-winning roles in the stage musicals District Six – The Musical and his guest starring role on the soapie Rhythm City.


heist-phumezaDikeledi is Mark’s long-time “girl-next-door” girlfriend. They share a 6-year-old-child. She’s bubbly, ambitious, caring and real. She’s just lost her job and begins to feel the weight of responsibility on her shoulders.

Phumeza Mdabe was born on March 15th, 1987. She is a South African singer, model, television presenter and actress best known for her role as Phumi the SABC1 drama series Sokhulu & Partners, in 2011 and as the presenter of season 3 Mzansi Magic’s Our Perfect Wedding